Ronglian Solar Inverters Grid Tie Mppt Solar Inverter CE Pure Sine Wave LCD Display + LED Indicator 10 Ms 50 / 60hz 80A Max 98%

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Product Overview


Basic function:
1.Innovative maximum power point tracking technology can significantly improve the energy utilization rate of the solar system,with a conversion efficiency of up to 97%
2.Quickly scan the entire l-V curve, and efficiently track the maximum power point
3.Three types of lead-acid batteries, sealed, colloidal, and open type, and lithium battery series are optional
4.With automatic protection of overcharge, overdischarge, overload and short circuit
5.RS485 communication interface, multi-machine communication communication is possible, which is convenient for viewing the operating parameters of the controller

Features of the MPPT controller:
This controller is used in solar off-grid power generation systems to automatically adjust battery charging and discharging. It has an advanced tracking algorithm to obtain the maximum power of the solar cell components and charge the battery; at the same time, its low voltage disconnect (LVD) function can prevent the battery from over-discharging and causing damage.
The battery charging process of the MPPT controller is optimized to extend battery life and improve system performance. Its comprehensive self-test function and electronic protection function can avoid damage caused by installation errors and system failures. Although the controller is easy to operate and use, in order to enable you to better use all the functions of the
controller and improve your photovoltaic system, please read the instructions and instructions in this manual carefully.

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