High Quality Diesel Generators with Volvo Engine Set Super Silent 10 12 15 30 50 250 300 500 kw kva Power single Phase Small

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Price:$500.00 - $70,000.00
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Product Overview


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High Quality Diesel Generators with Volvo Engine Set Super Silent 10 12 15 30 50 250 300 500 kw kva Power single Phase Small

Rated voltage110V-480V
Rated current20A to 7000A
Rotating speed1500rpm / 1800rpm
frequency50Hz/ 60Hz

Product Description

 Diesel Generator Silent.jpeg


The ultra-quiet diesel generators produced by our company use domestic and foreign well-known brands such as MTU, Perkins, Volvo Penta, Shanghai Diesel, Yuchai and other diesel engines to complete sets. The silent boxes that have passed the national patent technology are all made of Anshan Iron and Steel's 3mm cold plate; at the same time, they have undergone strict acid pickling and phosphating and multi-layer paint treatment, which effectively achieves the effect of fire prevention and corrosion protection. There is an eight-hour fuel tank at the bottom; the interior is treated with high-density flame-retardant high-quality sound-absorbing cotton with a thickness of 5 cm; the smoke exhaust system is treated with heat-insulating cotton and has a secondary silencer, and the noise during operation is kept below 68 decibels. The unique drain valve design, battery switch design, and explosion-proof lamp device are more humane. With its superb workmanship and remarkable noise reduction effect, our company's silent generators are quickly loved by customers at home and abroad and have obtained a large number of export orders, which are exported to Southeast Asia, America and African countries. As the company’s main characteristic low-noise generator set product, it cannot be satisfied with the status quo. It must continue to innovate and reform to design and manufacture low-noise generator set products with more noise reduction effects.

The products comply with GB/T2820-1997 or GB12786-91 national standards and have been put on the market in batches. Ultra-quiet diesel generator sets are widely used in places with strict environmental noise requirements, such as post and telecommunications, hotel buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining enterprises, as common or backup power sources.
1. Significant low noise performance, the noise limit of the unit is 68 decibels 7 meters away from the unit.
2. The silent box is an environmentally-friendly baking varnish type, and is acid-washed and phosphated to achieve fire-proof and anti-corrosion effects. At the same time, it has a unique rain-proof groove and seal design, and the silent box has a higher rain-proof and weather-proof grade.
3. The overall design is compact, small in size, novel and beautiful in appearance.
4. High-efficiency noise-reducing multi-channel intake and exhaust air intake and exhaust channel design can effectively prevent the inhalation of debris and dust, increase the air intake and exhaust area, and ensure that the unit has sufficient power performance guarantee.
5. Large-scale impedance composite muffler achieves a good noise reduction effect.
6. Eight-hour large-capacity base daily fuel tank.
7. The special quick-opening cover makes maintenance more convenient.

Note: The above technical data is for reference only. If the technical parameters are changed due to various reasons, our company will not notify us separately.

Notes on the use of diesel generator sets
1. Use 0#~-30# light diesel for diesel; specify 15W-40CD grade engine oil for engine oil (or according to the requirements of diesel engine manual).
2. The starting temperature is above +5℃; with water and oil heating device, the starting temperature is -15℃; when the unit is used below 0℃, antifreeze and other low temperature starting measures should be adopted.
3. Unit noise coefficient: ≤85~95db (A), in line with international standards.
4. In addition to providing 8KW-1600KW land-use generator sets, our company can also provide marine generator sets with the same power level and various generator sets with 60HZ 1800 rpm.
5. The generator set produced by our company meets the requirements of GB/T2820.1, .5, .6 and ISO8528 "Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven generator set" standards.
6. Pressure regulation method: automatic or manual.
7. Attention to users in cold areas: According to changes in temperature, the oil, diesel, and coolant must be adjusted appropriately to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
8. With the continuous update of the product, if the sample parameters are changed or changed, the random file shall prevail. The company has the final interpretation right without prior notice.


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1. Acoustic enclosure


Huai Chai Power uses four to five layers of sound-absorbing materials for sound insulation,

The technology is mature, sound absorption and sound insulation, and the effect is obvious.


Diesel Generator Silent 3.jpeg


2. Air inlet/outlet muffler


Huai Chai Power uses a labyrinth-type air inlet and outlet muffler with three layers of sound-absorbing materials.

Ensuring enough fresh air to enter and unobstructed air exhaust; more effectively seals the noise out.




3. Muffler


Huai Chai Power adopts impedance composite muffler, which greatly reduces the noise when exhaust gas is discharged.




4. Shock absorption facilities


The bridge between the diesel engine and generator of Huai Chai Power uses high-performance shock absorbers to reduce the noise caused by vibration.




5. Tailor-made is right for you


Various industries have different requirements for noise·Customized diesel generators·Customized silent chassis

Choose the mute noise reduction group facility that suits you and meets your requirements




6. Silence is the key, internal diesel generator set is king


The mute effect is determined by the facilities of the noise reduction group, and the most fundamental is the quality of the diesel generator set itself.

According to your actual situation, tailor-made brand, power, control system, etc.





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