Netsure 531 CAA series combined communication power supply system

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Product Overview



Product configuration model

Configuration type
NetSure531 CAA-X1/X2
NetSure 531 CAA-X3
NetSure 531 CAA-X4
system capacity
Monitoring module
M520S(RS232 Interface)
M520S(RS232 Interface)
M520S(RS232 Interface)
Rectifier module
AC power distribution
Input: 2 × 63A / 4P (circuit breaker), automatic switching
Input: 2 × 100A / 4P (circuit breaker), automatic switching
Input: 2 × 63A / 2p (circuit breaker), automatic switching
Outlet: 1 × 16A / 3P, 2 ×16A / 1p (circuit breaker)
Output: 1 × 63A / 3P, 1 × 50A / 1P
1 × 16A / 3P, 2 × 16A / 1p (circuit breaker)
Output: 1 × 50A / 1p, 1 × 32A / 1p 2 × 16A / 1p (circuit breaker)
AC lightning protection
Level C
Level C
Level C
DC distribution
Battery shunt: 2 × 250A (fuse)Battery power down: 2 × 250A (fuse), 4 × 63A / 1p 3 × 32A / 1p
Battery shunt: 2 × 250A (fuse)
Battery power down: 2 × 100A (fuse), 2 × 63A / 1p
3 × 10A / 1p, 3 × 6A / 1p (circuit breaker)
Battery shunt: 2 × 100A (fuse)
Battery power down: 2 × 63A / 1p, 6 × 32A / 1p, 4 × 16A / 1p
4 × 10A / 1p, 2 × 6A / 1p (circuit breaker)
DC lightning protection
Protection level
Mechanical parameters
Excluding 60mm high lintel) ,≤200kg(Module free) ,
Excluding 60mm high lintel) ,≤200kg(Module free) ,
EG115(Pantone 428C)
Excluding 60mm high lintel) ,≤200kg(Module free) ,
EG115(Pantone 428C)
Reserved space
Three layer battery compartment,498mm (W) × 548mm (d) × 298mm (H) for each layer
Special for power industry
X1 front door is iron door, X2 front door is glass door
Special for railway industry

front door is iron door
Special for railway industry

Type X4 front door is iron door

Electrical parameters
Power supply system

performance parameter
working temperature
-40 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃ (derating above 50 ℃)
-40℃~ +75℃
Storage temperature
5% RH ~ 95% RH(No condensation)
High altitude storage temperature
No more than 4000m (derating is required for more than 2000m)
Input voltage range
80Vac ~ 300Vac
Input frequency
45Hz ~ 65Hz
power factor
Output voltage range
-42Vdc ~ -58Vdc
system efficiency
Universal system > 92%, efficient system > 95%

Rectifier module

performance parameter
input voltage
80Vac ~ 300Vac
power factor
output voltage
42 ~ 58Vdc
Rated current
Output current
0 ~ 36A
0 ~ 42A
Module efficiency

Product Description

Veriv netsure 531 CAA system combined communication power supply system is a high reliability, high power density, high performance, full digital DC power supply system designed by veriv technology to meet the needs of the transportation and power industry. The system is equipped with iron door or glass door as standard, and AC and DC distribution cabinets can be selected.
Power, natural gas transmission and distribution, transportation
Product features and advantages
High reliability
Ultra wide working temperature range-40 ~ + 75 ℃ (derating above 50 ℃), strong environmental adaptability, suitable for various areas.
Wide voltage input range 80-300vac, super power grid and oil engine adaptability.
AC side, DC side, signal side all-round lightning protection design, improve the system lightning protection capacity.
It has the function of walk in to avoid the impact on the former transformer and oil engine during startup.
The special communication power supply system for power industry adopts the design of special fixed terminal wiring and shunt status indication, which is easy to operate and maintain.
The railway special communication power supply system is designed according to the railway industry standard.
High efficiency and energy saving
The efficiency of general efficiency module is more than 93%, and the efficiency of high efficiency module is more than 96%, saving the user's electricity expense.
The utility model has the patent technology of dormancy and high-efficiency universal module mixed insertion energy-saving, which improves the operation efficiency.
It has intelligent speed regulation function of fan, reduces system loss and prolongs service life of fan.
With RS232 interface, network port (optional) and intelligent dry contact, networking
5-inch large LCD display, friendly human-machine interface, convenient operation and maintenance.
Perfect battery management function, effectively extend the service life of battery.
Easy to use

Full front maintenance design.
The rectifier module is lossless and hot swappable, which can be maintained online and convenient.
The rectifier module has an independent ID identification function, which is convenient for user's asset management.
The power density of the rectifier module is as high as 38 w / inch 3, and more wiring and operation space are reserved.

Packing & Delivery

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Q1.Do you have MOQ?
Depends on different ideas, Can be negotiated.The larger the quantity is, the competitive the unit price will be.
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For the delivery fee,many samples are be requested to be sent,so we must get delivery fee.
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We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.
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We are a trading company cooperated with several brands .
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We sell brand new items and assured them original from manufacturer.

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