Inno-Fire CL-14 modern hanging fireplace indoor fire place

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Hangzhou Inno-living Metalware Co., Limited was established on 2010,
main products are ethanol fireplace, stamping parts, metal furniture, stainless steel medical machine box.
We are not only professional on OEM service, but also sensitive on construction design solution.
Our company aim is competitive price, good quality and nice service.
We sincerely invite you to contact us with your detailed requirements.
We look forward to establishing long-term corporation with you in the near future.

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Answer for FAQ for Smart Ethanol Burner

1, Can not ignite the burner ?
Answer: Please check if the burner has been filled with enough fuel .
Minimum Fuel Capacity
18 inch - 1 Liter
24 inch - 2 Liters
30 inch - 3 Liters
36 inch - 4 Liters
48 inch - 5 Liters
60 inch - 6 Liters
72 inch - 7 Liters
Please check if operation is correct : Press power button TWICE to ignite the burner

2, Why the flame is not on right after the ignition rod getting red?
Answer: Because it will take time to let the fuel pump into the burning chamber, so when the ignition rob getting red, the fuel is still not arrive at the chamber, please don't turn off the burner at this situation, just wait, the ignition rob will getting red for three times. When the fuel run into the chamber, it will be light up the burner. The ignition process will take about 2~3 minutes upon the burner size. Long size burner take longer time, short size burner take shorter time.

3, Why the flame is full over the chamber at beginning, but later on it become to a small flame in center of the chamber only?
Answer: We have set the burner a ignition beginning model, that is only pump very few fuel into the chamber at first 4~5 minutes.
This setting is for safety consideration that no overflow in the chamber. At beginning the burning chamber temperature is low, and it take time to ignite successfully, so the fuel consumption is also low. Even setting like this, there are still lots of fuel inside the chamber before fire is on, so as soon as the fire is on, the flame will full over the chamber as fuel is all over the chamber. Right after the fuel is consumption, the flame will stay at our define setting for beginning at the smallest flame size.

4, Why the fire is not become large after adjust the flame size to largest model (After pressed the + button)?
Answer: We have set the burner a ignition beginning model, that is only pump very few fuel into the chamber at first 4~5 minutes.
After 4~5 minutes, the flame adjustment will be reflected. For example you setting to largest flame size as soon as you start the burner, it will change to large flame size after 4~5 minutes, no need consumer to press + button again.

5, Why the arrow button blink for 10 minutes after turn off the burner? And no response to any operation on the button or remote control?
Answer: This is for safety consideration as it's dangerous to light up the burner again if the burning chamber is high
temperature. We have setting the safety cool down model that no response (cannot restart the burner ) for 10 minutes after the burner turned off. And have the arrow button blink for 10 minutes to identify it safety cool down status.
If consumer want to restart the burner, please wait the button blink stop.
If no need to restart the burner, just let it blink, the burner actually already turned off now.

6, Why the flame is amesiality of the chamber, the another end without flame?
Answer: Please make sure the burner sitting in horizontally, if it's not sitting in horizontally, the flame will be deflected to
the lower end.
Also, please make sure the flame is not affected by the wind.

7, Why the flame is light on in right chamber but the left side is still under ignition for burner size longer than 48"?
Answer: Because the right chamber is more closed to the fuel tank, so it take less time to pump in fuel then ignited earlier than the left chamber which is far from fuel tank. Please wait for about 4~5 minutes.

8, Why the fuel refilling button is off work when the burner is on?
Answer: It's the safety setting that cannot fill fuel when the burner is igniting or burning.

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