Two component automatic LED module glue filling machine Crystal glue amber potting

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Two-component automatic module glue filling machine
Crystal glue amber potting machine /ab glue dispensing machine

Machine Features:
1) This device is to solve the problem of filling glue for customers' products like LED power supply, point light source, underground lamp, and wall washer. Hand-held glue filling is convenient and flexible.
2) Equipped with 3 AB cleaning buckets, which can be placed in the corresponding glue, and the cleaning cylinder is automatically
cleaned by adding the corresponding cleaning fluid after the glue is poured.
4) Multiple (touch screen, foot pedal, hand-held glue head) control the glue discharge to ensure uniform glue output.
3) On-site proofing can be used to check the operation of the equipment and the effect of proofing or send the video of the proofing to you to see the specific situation.
5) The barrel is equipped with a heating system to make the glue have better fluidity and ensure the quality of the glue.
6) It has the functions of automatic pressure sensing, timing discharge and automatic cleaning, and automatic glue mixing.
7) It can be filled with different two-component glues, such as silicone, epoxy resin, PU glue, polyurethane, UV glue and so on.

Scope of application
This AB Glue filling machine is mainly used for waterproof power supply, solar panel, air filter element,Capacitor,, display screens, lithium batteries, accessories, insoles, batteries, controllers, automotive sensors, circuit boards, light bulbs, motor shells, electrical components and so on


Two PUMPS can choose
Gear pump is suitable for glue without impurities or transparent The screw pump is suitable for glue with impurities and particles.

Company Profile

HQ automatic is a manufacturing & trading combo which provides integrated services of design, development, consultation, production, and technical support. We are more than just a team of engineers, designers, and fabricators—we are a true partner. Our specialist experts in glue dispensing machines /soldering machine/lock screw machine/usb /led related machine We will ensure you get the best possible solution every time.and one –station purchase, get the best service.

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We have been deeply involved in the automation industry for many years, and cooperated with major brand factories to solve customer problems. Provide one-stop procurement service for overseas customers

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Q1. Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
We are an integration of industry and trade, mainly producing automatic dispensers, soldering machines, screw machines, LED and USB related equipment

Q2: For glue dispensing machine you need offer below information. we mainly do the market for 3C and LED market
A Your glue information,One-component or two-component? Glue packaging Picture ,AB glue ration and so on
B Your products picture size offer
C if products have many size need to show the smallest and the biggest one

Q3 Soldering machine
A if PCB soldering machine need your PCB size offer and pictures we have the soldering tips to recommend
B if the LED wire soldering machine ,which need the wires and your products samples which need make the jigs for you
C if the usb/ Earphone wire soldering machine also need the USB connector and wires material

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