Customized Fused Silica Quartz Fiber V Groove Glass V-Groove Ferrule capillary 2CH 4CH 8CH 16CH 32CH 64CH 128CH 196CH

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Product Overview






Precision fiber optic V-Groove is mainly used for coupling the optical fiber link testing, experimentation and construction of optical fiber and optical fiber. Which has a simple structure, reliable, easy to operate features. Performance indicators have reached similar foreign products.Features

Locates fiber with high precise V-groove and makes two fibers align, the loss less than 0.5dB(SSM).The two adjustable site-seats can be applied to all kinds of coated fibers. Dimension: 80mm(W) x80mm (D) x25mm (H) Weight:370g

How to use and precautions

1. Prepare the fiber end face:

First, use a Miller clamp to peel off the coating layer of the fiber to be connected by about 40 mm, and wipe the dirt on the bare fiber with an alcohol cotton ball; cut the fiber with a fiber cutter or a pen cutter, and the bare fiber is about 10 mm long. 2. Place the fiber: Place the prepared bare fiber into the V-shaped groove, place it in the middle of the V-shaped groove, put down the left pressure plate to press the optical fiber, and then take another small amount of matching liquid from the prepared bare fiber end face into the V-shaped groove. In the middle, make sure that the two fibers are in contact, then lower the intermediate platen and then lower the right platen. 3. Note: Do not use hard objects to collide and scrape the precision V-groove to avoid damage to the tank. The cleaning of the V-groove must be wiped off with an alcohol cotton ball every time. 4. Cleaning tips: Since the matching liquid is viscous after a long time of use, the knob is not rotated smoothly. Soak the coupler in pure water for one hour, then rinse the coupler clean.



1.Suitable for laboratory testing, optical cable manufacturer quality inspection, outdoor construction testing 2.For fiber length, event point, loss detection 3.Simple operation, stable loss, follow-up test 4.Fast core, easy to change core, no delay in measurement progress




Main Specifications

Applicable fiber Type

single-core single-mode, multi-mode quartz fiber; cladding diameter: 80 ~ 125μm;

Core loss

Loss less than 0.5dB (same single-mode fiber)

working environment

Working temperature: -10°C~40°C; Relative humidity: 90%RH (non-condensing at 40°C)

Storage temperature











0.0168 s.