aluminium scaffold tower 6 meter up down aluminium foldable scaffolding for sale

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Product Overview


Product Description

The aluminium scaffolding tower is consists of two parts, wide and narrow side, the main frame size
is 1350mm and 750mm

flexible components(460mm/rung)
flexible components(460mm/rung)

6inch 150mm 
8inch 200mm 
in diameter of castors &base plate available
castors are duarble and toughtly fabricated
no-marking , grease & chemical resistance
adjustable legs to adjust level on uneven ground condition
   Aluminum alloy scaffold is also called mobile quick loading aluminum alloy scaffold. It is precisely because casters can help aluminum alloy scaffold move quickly. But in actual use, if you choose the wrong caster, it will also bring a lot of inconvenience to use. Let's talk about what kind of caster is more suitable for aluminum alloy scaffold.

Load bearing
Load bearing is better. Generally, the aluminum alloy scaffold itself is not too heavy, but if items are placed on it, the weight of the whole shelf will increase, and the bearing of casters is also very important. Generally, the bearing capacity of casters is 720kg, which can basically meet all the bearing needs of all aluminum alloy scaffolds.
bearding 700kgs
The double pedal structure has no such problem. It has foot stepping positions on both sides of the caster. One side is locked by braking, and the other side can be unlocked without lifting. Moreover, the load-bearing capacity of double pedal structure is 720kg, while that of single pedal structure is generally only 300-600kg

Products Advantages

working height


safety working

Light and strong




900kg per complete structure

Lifetime more than 10 years

aluminium material 6082 T6
the frames components are constructed by high quality 6082-t6 strain to resist strong impact


aluminium scaffolding tower
Aluminum alloy scaffold is suitable for various types of industrial purposes, such as picking, workplace, narrow passage, etc. There are many different heights and inclinations. Foldable, designed to save space without taking up too much space.
Scaffolds are provided as temporary structures for climbing operation platforms, and accessories include guardrails, toe boards or other protective devices and all fixtures, but do not include lifting equipment. It is mainly insulated by wheels and rubber plugs to be used as a stability enhancer, so it can be shockproof when working on any electrical equipment. The scaffold can provide an additional 4 / 3 / 2m step frame to accommodate the working height. For the convenience and practicability of work, each scaffold can be equipped with ladders, including straight climbing and oblique climbing. The design height of scaffold is very high. It can be used in roof, ceiling or wall engineering, dry wall, paint, electrician and construction engineering. It is a reliable method to complete the work.

aluminium scaffolding Tower

Mobile aluminum alloy scaffolds are widely used. The main reason is that there are different construction solutions for mobile aluminum alloy scaffolds according to different application ranges

The material of mobile aluminum alloy scaffold belongs to an innovation in the building materials industry. Taking scaffold as an example, it can be seen that in the building materials industry, it is still necessary to break through the traditional concept and produce new building materials to meet the needs of the construction industry. 

Mobile aluminum alloy scaffold is a mature product in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions. With the continuous improvement of domestic labor cost and safety awareness, more and more customers begin to choose aluminum frame system. Do you know the basic application scope of aluminum frame system

Description of some basic application scope of mobile aluminum alloy scaffold:

Mobile aluminum alloy scaffolds are widely used. The main reason is that there are different construction solutions for aluminum scaffolds according to different application ranges. Aluminum alloy scaffold single width vertical ladder working frame, which can be used to build escalators and general escalators; Be able to pass through general doors or pedestrian passages; Small and exquisite, convenient for small truck shipment.

Steel Plank

Aluminum frame double width vertical ladder working frame can be selected for straight ladder, inclined ladder or walking ladder; Suitable for construction and industrial use; Vertical ladder structure provides maximum working space and reduces construction time; The scaffold working platform can be set at any level of the tower, and the height of each level is 46cm; Exquisite combination design has greater flexibility and improves utilization; Easy and fast installation.

Aluminum frame double width 45 degree ladder working frame is used with wide frame; Easy to carry tools and materials up and down; The aluminum frame is attached with handrail, platform and self-locking buckle, which is safe and stable; 3.4.5 step ladder is set, and the height can be used flexibly; Lightweight, solid structure, easy to build; Aluminum alloy scaffold working bridge beam frame: the bridge is used with handrail and door frame to meet the needs of different environments.

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