High efficiency microporous aerator for water treatment and pond

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Product Overview


Product Description

Plate microporous aerator
The plate series aerator is composed of chassis, air distribution plate, synthetic rubber diaphragm, compression ring, air guide plate, connecting base and connecting parts of air distribution pipe. The base is made of ABS plastic. The base and the compression ring are threaded. The EPDM rubber diaphragm is covered on the air equalizing plate. Under the action of the fixing ring, it can ensure that there is no air leakage around the diaphragm. The rubber diaphragm has evenly distributed holes. This kind of rubber diaphragm is processed by many special processes. Its performance is stable and it is resistant to medium concentration acid, alkali, oil and other media. It is the first one to be put into use Aerator in engineering operation.

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Product characteristics
The plate type microporous aerator has a unique check function, which effectively prevents the pollution from flowing into the gas distribution pipeline when it stops running. It is easy to install and can be flexibly used in sewage treatment system of various processes. It is a mature and efficient aeration equipment.


Working ventilation capacity (m3 / h) 
Design ventilation capacity (m3 / h)
 Service area
(M2 h)
Oxygen utilization rate (%) 
> 30 
> 30 
> 30
 Oxygen charging capacity (kgo2 / h)

Theoretical dynamic efficiency (kgo2 / kW. H)
Resistance loss (PA) 
< 3000 
< 3000 
< 3000
 Bubble size(mm) 

Company Profile

The company is a design and development, production and manufacturing, sales and service as one of the aerator production enterprises. After years of hard work and innovation, the company has cooperated with many famous domestic universities in the early 1990s to develop the series of microporous aeration products in sewage
treatment, which has formed a diversified product structure. There are already a series of flat aeration heads, arch aeration heads, tubular aerators, liftable aerators, oxidation ditch aeration series, environmental protection fillers and accessories And
other products.

Company products

Construction effect

Product packaging

Packing in cartons free of charge. If wooden cases or other special requirements are required, part of the cost shall be added


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A: Yes, I am very happy to answer your question.
Q: What is the acceptable MOQ?
A: Two cartons for minimum order quantity.
Q:Can you customize the trademark?
A:Brand and product can be customized
Q: What is the delivery time?
A: For sample, we usually have stock, so the delivery time will be quite short.
For normal order, the delivery time should be in two weeks.
Q: What is acceptable pay term?
A: T/T.
Q: Do you provide sample?
A: We can offer free sample for test, and customer needs to pay the freight charge.
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A: I am very happy to serve you!

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