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Product Overview



Product name:
Padel Racket
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Face Material:
Fiberglass,Full Carbon,3K Carbon, 12K Carbon, 18K Carbon, Kevlar
Frame Material:
100% Carbon Or Customized
Rough Surface:
3D(all kinds of shape based on design),  Sandy(different size),  Grit
Racket Finish:
Shiny Or Matte
Grip Material:
Soft PU Material(50% PU & 50% Polyester)
AMA Or Customized
Sample Lead Time:
Ready to ship


The magic and touch of the wrist of our player, Sanyo Gutiérrez, has a lot to do with his stroke of genius, but also with this racket. Its highly anticipated model comes with Graphene 360 technology and Smart Bridge construction, offering unparalleled comfort and feel. With this racket you play as if you are wearing a glove. The player's new weapon known as the "magician" will be the key to continuing to inspire us with the incredible shots that only he knows how to do.It's a new way of playing with better touch, precision and comfort with the Alpha Pro. Don't miss the innovative design!

*Surface:18K Carbon
*Frame:100% Carbon
*EVA:White EVA15-17
*Surface:Full Carbon
*Frame:100% Carbon
*EVA:White EVA15
*Finish:3D Matte

*Surface:Full Carbon
*Frame:100% Carbon
*EVA:White EVA15
*Surface:3K Carbon
*Frame:100% Carbon
*EVA:White EVA15

*Surface:3K Carbon
*Frame:100% Carbon
*EVA:White EVA15
*Surface:12K Carbon
*Frame:100% Carbon
*EVA:White EVA15
*Finish:Golden Shiny


How to choose the surface material of Padel racket?

Here introduced 6 kinds of material for your reference.For appearance,it's absolutely up to personal preference.For limited budget or beginner players,Fiberglass or Carbon might be your first choice.For high-Performance demand or High-End Market,3K,12K or 18K carbon can be your reference.Kevlar is new trend!

Any interests or questions,click online customer service!

* Common material
* Warp & weft knit
* Good at control
* Less durability
* Suit for beginner
* Widely used racket
* Single knit
* Strong regidity
* More durable than fiberglass
3K Carbon
* Popular material
* Warp & weft knit
* Include the advantages of fiberglass and carbon
* Stable performance

12K Carbon
* Performance range in the middle of 3K & 18K
* Cost little more than 3K
* For professional players
18K Carbon
* Top material & expensive
* Great durability & flesibility
* High performance in power & control
* For top-ranked players

* Tendency material
* Kevlar & 3K mixed knit
* High strength & good toughness
* Cost little more than 18K
* For top-ranked players

Production Process


Our Brand Mission : Make It Happen!
AMA SPORT is a professional brand specializing in indoor and outdoor racket projects.Our product was designed with one PHILOSOPHY:Today's Quality,Tomorrow's Market.We are committed to providing High-Quality products and High-Efficiency service.Your advice and comments on our product are very welcome and significant to us!

Let's See Why We Are Your Best Option!

Foaming Frame
* Improve shock absorbtion
* Improve experience of controlling
Foaming Grip
(Patent technology)
* Optimize vibration control
* Keep stability
Persistent Tracking NO.
* Production control
* strictly QC control
* Feedback control

Cross Drilling
* Precise drill 5 beach tennis/group
* Keep beach tennis racket surface and neat
Compressive Stress Testing
* Make sure top performance
* Keep shape and function in various occasion
Durability Testing
(30 times ball shotting with the speed of 42m/s)
* Make sure the durability of frame decal and painting 

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Packing & Delivery


Company Profile

Since its inception in 1990. Zhejiang AMA SPORT GOODS CO.,LTD is a factory who produce Tennis,Badminton,Squash etc.,racquet sports products.Now our product range covers:Padel Racket for Sweden,Spain market.Beach Tennis Racket for Italy,Brazil,Chileetc.,market.Tennis Racket for Europe,North America,Australia market.In the meanwhile,AMA also have the production line for badminton racket,squash racket,pickleball paddle.


Tips:How to Choose a Padel Racket?
1.There are three basic shapes of Beach tennis rackets
Diamond :These rackets are suitable for advanced players. The sweet spot is smaller and is located higher up in the racket.It makes it easier to hit the ball hard. They are not easy to handle for beginners.
Tear: There rackets are suitable for medium or advanced players. The sweet spot is higher up the racket.
Round: These are best for beginners. The sweet spot of the racket is rather big and it is located in the middle of it.
The weight of the rackets is evenly distributed. These sorts of rackets are usually easy to handle.

2.Thickness of the Beach tennis racket
Nowadays most rackets range 36mm to 38mm. Advanced players should use thicker rackets to hit the ball harder.
For beginners it is recommended thinner rackets because they are easier to use.

3.Materials of the Beach tennis racket
Most of the frame of the racket is made of fiberglass or carbon. The face may contain 3k,12k,18k carbon. And these are introduced to some higher end rackets to make them extra resistant to shocks and accidents. The face of a padel racket is usually made of soft materials (foam) or hard materials (eva). The advantages are arguable. It remains a personal choice.

Beginners: Use a light to medium weight racket, preferably round and thin, 36mm or 38mm.
Medium level players: Use a medium weight racket. Use a round or tear shape racket, 36mm or 38mm.
Advanced players: Use any shape or weight. Most players will make the most of their talent by utilizing diamond shaped, heavier rackets, 38mm thick.
Women: lighter rackets are best for women. Most brands usually offer rackets specially tailored for women.
Kids: use a much lighter, thinner and smaller racket. Look for specially designed rackets for kids.

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