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Product Overview


Aircraft parameters

Efficiency per hour
100 mu
High precision radar
√ Omnidirectional digital radar (automatic obstacle winding)
Remote control planning accuracy
Square root (RTK/GNSS)
Vent air
√ (one-button exhaust)
AI intelligent engine 3d operation planning
Square root
High precision flowmeter
√ (Dual-channel electromagnetic flowmeter, error ±2%)
Level gauge
Single point level gauge
Maximum spray flow
1.8L /min (XR11001 standard nozzle) 2.4L /min (XR110015 optional nozzle) 3.0L/min (XR11002 optional nozzle)
Installation method of medicine cabinet
Quickly plug and unplug the medicine cabinet
Battery Installation
Quickly plug and remove the battery
More than one control machine
√ (one control with three machines)
D the gps-rtk technology
Square root
Radar module looking up
Square root
Flying dot function
Square root
Intelligent endurance/return function
Square root
Smart replenishment point prediction
Coordinated Turning function
Square root
Forward-looking FPV
Square root
Rear view FPV
Square root
Branch-to-target technique

Product Photography

D4500i parameters

D4500i omnipotent variable frequency charging station
480 * 422 * 427 mm
The weight of the
36 kg
Output channel
1. Dc charging output 2. 220V 300W auxiliary AC output
Dc output parameters
40V-60 V50 A
Ac output parameter
220/110 V (subject to shipping area)
Charging power
Battery charge time
Charge one battery in 9-12 minutes (T10 battery)
Fuel tank capacity
9 L
Start the way
Start with one button and start with hand
Charge ripple voltage
200 mV
Maximum engine displacement
210 CC
Maximum engine power
4500 W
Engine rated speed
3600 RPM
Fuel type
92 # gasoline
Refer to the fuel consumption
0.3L/each T10 smart battery * Charging from 30% to 95%
The oil type
SAE 10W-30

Application Scenarios


Company Profile

Wuhan Highshine Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company was established in 2017 ,Our business scope covers the technical development and sales of plant
protection spray drones, plant protection smoke drones, ground plant protection equipment, other intelligent agricultural
machinery, intelligent disinfection robots and unmanned ground vehicles, and is committed to providing customers with various
agricultural and industrial solutions.Agricultural plant protection drone products have been successfully introduced to domestic
and overseas markets, mainly covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, USA, Australia, and some African markets.
They have gained good market response and won the support and trust of customers. Our company will continue to provide customers
with quality products, competitive prices, rapid response to the good service.

Address:Unit 3, Bldg. 9, Huangjinshan Science Park Entrepreneurship Center, Huangshi ETDZ, Huangshi, Hubei, China (Mainland)
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Q:This is my first time to import, how can I trust your company and ensure to get the goods if I order from you?
A:We are alibaba legitimate certification company (VIP), and we support payment terms: L/C.Escrow, to ensure your safety.
Q:There are too many models, i don't know which one to choose.
A: Welcome to contact us through TradeManager,we will recommend according to your requirement. If during closing time or weekend,Please send mail to us,we will response within 24 hours.
Q: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?
A: At first , our package is standard for shipping, before sign in, please cfm product undamage, otherwse, pls contact with us within 2days, we've bought insurance for you, we or shipping company will be responsible!

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