High Quality Natural Frozen Sea Cucumber Boiled And Salted Trepang

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Product Overview


Our Company

LLC Research and Production Company of Aquaculture "Nereida" provides you with a brief description of the enterprise for growing live scallop Primorsky and sea cucumber Far East LLC NPK "Nereida".

The enterprise, located 3 kilometers from the village of Zarubino of the Khasansky district and having the largest area of ​​fishing grounds in the Primorsky Territory - 4,244.3 hectares.

The main hydrobiont is the cage-raised scallop, the Far Eastern trepang. The maximum amount of scallop rearing reached 800 tons/year.

The base of the enterprise is located on the land plot of the coastal strip adjacent to the water area of ​​the Aleut Bay, Kitovy Bay. The land area is 28.6 hectares.

More About Us
The enterprise has specialized vessels for plantation maintenance, processing workshops, a floating pier, its own production refrigerator and a workshop for storing live products.

Also on the territory there is a workshop for growing juvenile Far Eastern sea cucumbers with a capacity of 1080 cubic meters of water with a capacity of 294 tons of Far Eastern sea cucumbers.

Currently, the construction of a trepang drying workshop has been completed, as well as a workshop for the processing of a seaside scallop and the release of finished products from it.

Products Description

Boiled And Salted Trepang (Sea Cucumber)
Boiled-salted trepang
- Mix size;
- Сooked for 25 minutes, salted for 6 hours;
- 40-50 pcs/kg.

The composition:
- Trepang;
- Salt.

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Packaging and delivery

The product will be delivered in 1 month.
400 kg in 60 days.


1. Can I get samples?
Only purchase in the office or in the warehouse of the seller.
2. Can I have my own customized product?
Unfortunately, no.
3. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost?
10 minutes.

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