10inch 20inch Jumbo UF membrane filter cartridge Washable PVDF UF filter for water recycling big PVDF hollow fiber UF filter

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Product Overview


Product Description

YOUBER is a professional manufacturer of making different kinds of UF filter cartridges:
~ 10inch,20inch Jumbo/large flux UF filter;
~ PVDF material, high antipollution and not easy broken;
~ With clear filter housing, easy to see inside filtration effect;
~ Washable membrane to recover flow rate;
~ Large flow rate for home and outdoor water needs;

Advantages and Features

High antipollution performance
PVDF UF membrane can be used for very dirty water;
With high antipollution performance;
Not easy broken;
Washable UF membrane for long time use
Strong hollow fibers for home and outdoor dirty water treatment;
Washable to recover the flow rate; easy maintain.


Product name
10inch/20inch Jumbo UF filter
Flow rate 
> 1200L/H (depends on water quality)
Filtration precision
Filter Size  
Length 10inch and 20inch, Diameter 117MM
Filtering mode
Bacteria removal rate
Working pressure
Fibers material
PVDF material
For home and outdoor water filtration 
Washable to recover flow rate 

Product Show

20inch Jumbo UF filter
Large flow rate, more than 2000L/H;
PVDF material UF filter, can be used for dirty water treatment;
20inch PVDF UF filter
Standard size can be fit in big blue filter housing;
Washable UF membrane can recover rate;

10inch Jumbo UF filter
Large flow rate more than 1200L/H;
10'' long 4.5inch diameter UF filter
Fit in standard clear and big blue filter housing;

Youber other products

Size: UF46X150 PVDF UF filter
For home and outdoor drinking water use;
With different size;
Threaded connection port;
Size: 10inch PVDF UF filter
For home water purification;
With flat connection for filter housing;
Large flow rate, washable filter membrane;

YOUBER Customized UF filters: 
* Different membrane material: PS, PVDF, PES, PP, PVC etc;
* Different size: from small to large;
* Working: with pressure 1-3Bar or working under gravity;
* Working mode: Outside to inside;
* Filter structure: U type;
* For home and outdoor water purification.

Packing & Delivery

Packing for 20inch
Packing for 10inch

Company Profile

Shenzhen Youber technology Co., LTD is concentrating on membrane technology as the core, and specialized in the outdoor water purification products R and D, production and sales.
YOUBER owns the outdoor water purifier production factory, and also owns R and D team, in the past ten years, We are mainly focus on R and D of the membrane technology and outdoor water purification products, and get multiterm patents, the most advantages and well compliment
from customers are our portable outdoor water filter, portable seawater desalination RO machine and other small size integrated water purification equipment. These products are mainly to solve the drinking water and domestic water problem in the outdoor or the municipal water shortage areas. Our customers come from all over the world, and mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other regions and countries, including several well-known enterprises in water purification industry. At least 50 million people in the world today are using YOUBER's manufacturing outdoor water purification products.
Health clean water is one of the necessary conditions of human survival depends on, and in today's global development of industrialization, the world less and less available water resources, environmental pollution is more and more serious, Shenzhen Youber Technology CO., LTD aims to improve the global water as own duty, With science and technology innovation, the good faith management as the core competitiveness, Open our eyes to the whole world, YOUBER hopes to cooperate with the like-minded friends from all over the world, to contribute to the water environment of the human.

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