Air tightness and water tightness of door and window Physical property testing machine

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Product Overview


Product Description

Doors and windows Wind pressure / Air tightness / Water tightness Physical property testing machine

Product overview:


On the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries, combined with

the specific situation of our country, we developed a series of dynamic wind pressure performance testing equipment for

building doors and windows, which can test the air tightness, water tightness, compression deformation performance of

building doors and windows, and fully meet the requirements of the national standard for testing equipment


Executive standard:


GB / T 7106-2019 test method for air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of exterior doors and windows

of buildings


Compatible with GB / T 7106-2008 'classification and test method for air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure

resistance performance of building external doors and windows'


Technical parameters:


Specification of testable parts: it can be measured under the maximum size limit. The size of the hole is flexible and

adjustable. At the same time, the special side plate reinforcement device is used to make it have enough rigidity and

good sealing.


NameMain indicatorsAccuracy
Wind pressure resistanceStatic pressure difference: ≥ ± 5000Pa

Displacement: 0 ~ 50mm

Static pressure difference: ≤ 2%

Displacement: ≤± 0.1mm

Air tightnessAir flow: 0 ~ 300m3 / h

Air flow: ≤ 3%

Static pressure difference: ≤ 2%

Water tightnessSteady pressurization

Water volume: 2 L / (M2 · min)

Static pressure difference: ≥ 700 pa

Water volume: 2L / (M2 · min)

Static pressure difference: ≤ 2%

Fluctuating pressurizationWater volume: 2 ~ 3L / (M2 · min)

Period: ≥ 3S

:3L/(m2·min) :2s~6s

:≤2% :3s~5s

Power supply:Three phase five wire AC380V 15kwWater source requirements: water supply, water supply


Detection principle:


The air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of the specimen were measured by the simulated static

pressure chamber method. The air tightness test is to measure the air permeability of the specimen through the buckle box

under the state of stable pressure difference; the water tightness test is to spray water to the outside of the specimen

room under the action of stable pressure difference or fluctuating pressure difference to measure the ability of the

specimen not to leak; the wind pressure resistance is to measure the ability of the specimen to withstand the allowable

deformation and not to damage under the condition of stable or fluctuating pressure difference.


The detection device consists of pressure box, buckle box, test piece, installation frame, pressure supply device

(including air supply equipment and pressure control device), water spraying device and measuring device (including air

flow device, differential pressure meter and displacement meter). The composition of the detection device is shown in the




Product features:


1. According to the latest 7106 standard, and compatible with the existing standards, the corresponding interface and

acquisition and calculation channel are reserved in the specimen frame and software, and the buckle part is added. At the

same time, it can be replaced as a whole to save cost and facilitate test.


2. The maximum pressure control range shall not be less than ± 7000pa.


3. The nozzle imported from the United States and 600 mm super thick box design are adopted to ensure the distance between

the nozzle and the test piece and to form a continuous, stable and uniform water curtain on the outer surface of the test



4. The box structure adopts large thickened channel steel to ensure the good compression resistance of the box, and a

unique air tight detection door is designed on the side of the box to ensure the accuracy and reliability of air tight

detection; the box is lined with stainless steel plate, and the water tank is made of stainless steel, which has good

anti-corrosion and anti rust performance.


5. After shock absorption treatment, the laboratory only needs to be equipped with water supply and drainage pipes and

power supply to carry out the work, without equipment foundation treatment. The pipeline direction of equipment can be

designed according to the laboratory conditions.



It has the following advantages of automatic control


1. The static pressure and fluctuating pressure of the system are automatically controlled by the computer, and the data

are collected and stored in real time, so that the data will not be lost after power failure;


2. The power consumption changes with the pressure demand, with water tank for circulating water, the equipment is

energy-saving and environment-friendly;


3. The advanced data processing system can automatically analyze and process the test results, and output the test report

timely and accurately;


4. The report and original record are processed by Microsoft Word, and the user can modify the format by himself. The

report format of national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center is attached in the software

for user's reference;


5. The special software for measurement and control is programmed by senior testing personnel on Windows

95 / 98 / 2K / XP platform and VB / VC, with convenient and flexible man-machine interface to control the whole testing



6. Open Access database management, with strong compatibility, can achieve seamless connection with any management

software interface;


Model and specification:


ModelMaximum dimension of testable part (m)Dimension of equipment static pressure box (L × w × h, m)Fan size (m)Minimum room size (m)


  1. The size of the equipment can be customized and adjusted according to the needs.

  2. The room size is the minimum size, excluding the control room and fan room.


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Permeability testing equipment for exterior windows of buildings


Permeability testing equipment for exterior windows of buildings


Permeability testing equipment for exterior windows of buildings


Permeability testing equipment for exterior windows of buildingsPermeability testing equipment for exterior windows of buildings


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