2021 New High Quality Cnc Wood Carving Machine Router Woodworking 4 Axis

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Product Overview


four working procedure computer controlled cnc router wood router carving machine engraving for wood

Product Description

Product Paramenters

Processing area(mm)
Overall dimension(mm)
Working voltage
Frame construction
Heavy-duty steel pipe welding
Work platform structure
Rigid PVC and aluminum profile
Control system
Working code
HPGL, G code
Compatible software
UG/ProE/Mastercam/Ucancam V10 etc.
Spindle power
6KW air-cooled spindle (water-cooled spindle is optional)
Spindle speed
Guide rail
Tool setting
Automatic tool setting
Lubrication system
Electric automatic lubrication
Wires and Cables
Device specific, shielded, highly flexible, abrasion resistant cable

Product features:
1. The whole plate of vacuum adsorption table adsorption force is good, to avoid the processing of running plate;
2. 12 Straight row tool change, save tool change time, high efficiency;
3. 5 positioning cylinders, positioning quick change plate convenient;
4. The appearance is simple, reflecting the stability and aesthetics of the machine;
5. Non-hole process saw blade can process all kinds of invisible connector and three-in-one, two-in-one connector;
6. Automatic positioning, optimize material cutting, drilling, grooving and integration;
7. The table is a vacuum adsorption table, which can absorb materials of different areas;
8. Adopt the new type of open pipe, can carry a large weight, equipped with servo motor, high precision gear and imported rack drive, so that the machine runs stably;
9. Engraving, drilling, cutting, leading edge, milling type at one go, four process switching head, tool change process without interruption, automation.
10. Customized intelligent control system, humanized control interface design, fool operation, operators can be simple training, without technical workers. Machine action is agile, high efficiency, help you to achieve productivity leap.
11. The machine is full servo drive system, original imported electrical components and other components, stable performance. Table for vacuum adsorption table, can absorb different areas of materials, processing small plate without displacement, processing surface smooth, plate size is accurate.
12. Electric oiling, automatic oiling can be set according to the time, to ensure the lubrication of the slider screw guide rail and prolong the service life.
13. Customized high precision square linear guide rail, high accuracy, long service life, large contact surface, strong load bearing capacity, the use of vertical rail process can better ensure the stability of operation.
14. Reinforced and thickened heavy gantry, steel plate after cutting and planer processing, external welding, equivalent to the
secondary tempering treatment, ensure the gantry for a long time and durable, work without deformation.
15. The integral cast iron side plate is treated with high temperature tempering to prevent the side plate from deformation and affect the traveling precision of Y axis.

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Product use:
panel furniture, cabinet and wardrobe, office furniture, custom furniture. Wardrobe cabinet, cabinet, computer desk, board furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchenware and other board furniture plane blanking, milling, chamfering, punching, carving and other auxiliary processing. Furniture plate four process CNC opener Pneumatic four head in ambry knife cutting machine cutting machine can be used for all kinds of board type furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, cabinet put oneself in another's cabinet put oneself in another's position, cabinet door, wardrobe doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden door, wenqi door, TV ark, desk, bedside table, eat edge ark and shoe ark, bookcase, porch ark, display cabinets, cabinet, wooden box, wooden kitchen utensils and appliances, screen, process window board furniture High-speed, intelligent cutting, carving and grooving, drilling and drilling of the four processes.

Company Profile

Packing & Delivery


1. Q: Do you support customization?
A: Yes, the appearance, configuration, size and so on of the machine can be customized.

2. Q: Are you a manufacturer of a trading company?
A:We are the machinery manufacturers, with strong technical force, reliable product quality, which merge science, industry and trade together in one. Welcome to our factory at any time.

3. Q: How can I pick up a suitable machine ?
A: Only clarify your required output per day or per shift (8 hours) as well as your budget, then we can recommend suitable machine with very competitive price.

4. Q: Can you assure the quality?
A: Yes, we can. Our equipment will be carefully tested before shipping, and can be used over 10 years. If you worry about that, we can make the Trade Assurance Order on Alibaba.

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