Машина для резки пластиковых бутылок

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Product Overview


Juice bottles professional cutting machine, crusher machine


Product Description


The solid-liquid separator (bottle cutting machine) is a new developed equipment, It main used for the separation of plastic bottles,milk box,pop cans and liquids, It not only ensures the integrity of the bottles / box, but also saves the storage space. The fully enclosed design not only ensures the safety of the operators, but also prevents liquid splashing. The equipment has low operating noise and durable, It an excellent choice for the food and beverage industry.



Working Principle:

The liquid separator working principle is that multiple internal tooth knives and squeezing blocks work simultaneously, Squeeze and break  bottles and discharge the internal liquid. The toothed knife squeezes the broken bottles, milk cartons or cans pushes them out of the machine, and automatically sends them out of the machine by a belt conveyor. It not only ensures the integrity of the bottle, but also empties the liquid inside the bottle.



1. All stainless steel design, beautiful and durable appearance.

2. Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean inside and outside.

3. The seal is tight, and the liquid does not leak.

4. Use K series reducer with variable frequency motor drive, It can be realize the adjustment of equipment operating speed.

5. The belt conveyor and the equipment share the same motor,  Realize the simultaneous start and stop. The belt conveyor uses a trapezoidal screw system and uses the principle of push rods to enable the conveyor to achieve a specific angle of lifting function.

6. The cover part is connected with a limit switch. When the upper cover is opened, the machine stop to running, Ensure the safety of the operator.

7. The machine with a spray system to facilitate cleaning of the internal space.



Structure diagram:



1. Feeding port  2. Putter  3. Motor  4. Extrusion system

5. Gear knife  6. Separation system    7. Cleaning System  8. Belt conveyor

9.Water storage tank


Technical Parameters



Specification (mm)

Belt conveyor length (mm)

Adjust height (mm)

Power (KW)

Maximum torque (Nm)










It main used in the separation and collection of bottles, milk cartons, cans and liquids in the food and beverage industry. Mainly for the separation of plastic bottles, milk cartons, cans and other packaging. This reduces environmental pollution, saves storage space and floor space, and greatly increases the utilization rate of bottles and liquids.



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