Factory Supply Electronic Ic Card Membrane Smart High Portable Gas Flow Meter

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Alibaba Cloud NB-IoT wireless IoT intelligent water meter module

1. NB wireless dual-channel IoT water meter module is able to ensure reliable communication;
2. All localized device designs are used to ensure production and supply;
3. Daily automatically generated data isreported, thus no manual in-house meter reading is required;
4. Administrators and users can view meter data and statusthrough mobile phones;
5. Mobile paymentis supported to ensure safe and reliable payment method and convenient payment;
6. Alibaba Cloud IoT cloud platform manages dataand automatically backs up data;
7. Working voltage: 3.6V lithium battery;
8. Transmitting power: <50mA 9. Average static power consumption: 18uA

China My Meter Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is the only Chinese high-tech enterprise designated by Alibaba Internet of Things to exclusively manufacture Alibaba Cloud NB-IoT intelligent water meter modules and the company has built up its close partnership with Alibaba. Alibaba Internet of things is responsible for the comprehensive promotion and popularization of applications throughout China.


Product nameIC Card Membrane Gas Meter
Weight Range(kg)2.1
Specification TypeG1.6/2.5/4.0

Functional Features
Prepayment method, use after the payment made, automatic switch-off when there is no payment made and immediate switch-on upon payment.
Design of prepayment mode.
With high-definition LCD display, the following information can be displayed such as the accumulated gas consumption, remaining gas volume, and meter status, etc.
Design of HD LCD display, the following information can be shown such as the accumulated gas consumption, remaining gas volume, and meter status, etc.

Set-up alarm system. In the case of minimum gas balance, the meter is automatically switched off and the alarm is sent to users to purchase gas.
Set-up alarm report in the case of low battery or the replacement of battery. Gas meter is switched off automatically.

Options: one card for four meters, ladder charging method.
Options: wireless, NB- IoT, Lora and other meter reading methods.
Options: Wireless, NB- IoT, Lora, etc.

Caliber specifications: G1. 6/G2. 5/G4. 0
Application scenario: natural gas supply service management department; commercial residential buildings.
Applied in: natural gas supply management department, flats.


Global Innovative High-tech ----- 5G IoT Cloud Platform + NB-IoT Smart Water- meter
According to the latest statistics, the user number of NB-IoT in China in 2019 exceeded 60 million , of which over 10 million of them were NB-IoT smart water-meter users. With the development of the Internet of Things, China has been vigorously promoting the construction of smart cities. Therefore smart water usage administration has played an important role in the upgrading of China's water consumption administration. There is no doubt that The NB-IoT smart water meter is leading toward to a promising future and thus will be in a dominant position in the industrial Internet market.

The role of NB-IoT in smart water usage administration

* Speeding up the construction of smart water affairs
It’s proposed in the China "14th five-year plan" that the integration of urban and rural water supply and the information system construction of rural water supply shall be vigorously promoted. The “Plan” has set the policy tone for the construction of smart water affairs. In fact, the development of global epidemic has accelerated the construction speed.

* Solvingthe problem of low efficiencyin manual meter reading
Up to now, most cities of China still use traditional water meters. Manual meter reading at home has disadvantages of low efficiency, large variances, which resulting in lots of complaints by users. This has brought a lot of economic burden to the water supply department.

* Improving management efficiency through quantitative data
The NB-IoT smart water meter can also conduct further analysis based on the collected data to obtain the water consumption habits of different groups. When abnormal water consumption is identified, it will play a supervision rule, thus resulting in greatly improving management efficiency.

Advantages of using NB-IoT smart water meter

* Reducing meter-reading costs and improving meter reading accuracy
The NB-IoT smart water meter can greatly improve the accuracy and success rate of meter reading, not only reducing the cost of manpower and material resources for the water department on a large scale, but also improving efficiency and management capabilities.

* Returning data regularly to improve user experience
The NB-IoT smart water meter can collect data regularly and send it back, and users can also check water usage information through their mobile phones, this has improved the user experience.

* Further expansion of water related businesses
NB-IoT technology satisfies the smart water meter business, and at the same time it leads to further development in water business affairs, such as pipe network monitoring, leakage monitoring, water quality, water pressure, temperature monitoring and other related businesses, and it is beneficial to the water supply department in making corresponding predictions, and thus making reasonable water resources deployment.

China My Meter Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. provides an overall smart water solution from terminal to cloud!
Relying on information technologies such as the Internet of Things, large data, and AI, integrate core business data such as production, pipe network, secondary water supply, and customer service establishes a visual and intelligent integrated smart water operation system.
Cloud platforms and IoT smart water meters have already started batch operation in Africa in 2021.
China My Meter Technology strives to be the first in operating the water, electricity, gas, and thermal energy IoT cloud platform in China, as well as smart water, electricity, gas, and heat metering instruments, to contribute to the globalization of smart energy metering and platform.

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5_06.jpg1.Who are we?

We are based in Wuhan, we were established in 1993. For more than twenty-eight years, it has been awarded the titles of "advanced enterprise" and "top ten enterprise" for export and foreign exchange earning in Wuhan by the municipal Party committee and municipal government, and one of the top 100 foreign trade enterprises in Hubei by the people's Government of Hubei Province. In 2019, it was rated as "sample enterprise of China's foreign trade export leading index" by the General Administration of Customs of China. The export countries include the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc.

2.How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment.

3.What can you buy from us?

LED street lights and gas station lights, intelligent instruments of the Internet of things, automotive electronic sensors, agricultural machinery, paper products, automotive gaskets, lights, etc.

4.Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

The service life of a street light of intelligent LED energy-saving made by Dejin is nearly three times longer equivalent to that of three traditional LED street lights,moreover, it is with a further 40% energy saving. It therefore proves more economic and practical, thus achieves a higher cost efficiency. The company is in the leading technology position in producing smart meters for water, electricity, gas and heat in the domestic market and adheres to strict quality management system. Its technical team has nearly 20 years’ experience of independent research and development and designing. The company has independently done the research and development of the electronic control module of water, electricity, gas and heat meters, corresponding water charging and collecting software, and therefore the company has owned many patents and software copyrights. The core technology of its entire industrial chain of intelligent measuring instruments serves as an industry benchmark.

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