Activated Alumina Clause catalyst

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Activated Alumina for sulfur recovery catalyst in Clause reaction,

Activated Alumina for hydrogen peroxide producing,

Activated Alumina for defluorination,

Activited Alumina for Deoxidation sulfur recovery catalyst,

Alumina deliminger for PE,


nameActivited Alumina for Deoxidation sulfur recovery catalyst


Activated Alumina is a form of Aluminium Oxide that is very porous and bonds with certain liquid and gases without its chemical or physical form changing, Due to its high porosity, it has a high ratio of surface area to weight, it is commonly used as a desiccant, for water treatment, and as a catalyst in natural gas and refining operations.


A desiccant is a substance with a high affinity for water,which has a drying effect on its local atmosphere,such as inside a sealed container,As a desiccant, Acticated Alumina operates by the process of adsorption, thi should not be confused with the more commonly know process of absorption, Absorption is a physical process by which a fluids is drawn into and fills the empty spaces in a solid without bonding to it. Adsorption, on the other hand,is a process in which the fluid drawn into the solid material's pores actually bonds chemically with the solid material.


Activated alumina  is good of reactivity and stability in use,especially  together with our KC-201 will have good effection in sulfur recovery.

Appearance: red-brown SPHER

Sphere Size: Φ4-6mm

Bulk Density: 0.70-0.75 g/cm3

Crush resistance: 130Min. N/sphere

Specific Surface: 280Min. m2/g




Name of goods


Activated Alumina Drier




Crystalline Phase

x-ρ Al2O3



Sphere Size(mm)

Φ3-5 Φ4-6 Φ5-7 Φ8-10

Bulk Density(g/cm3)


Crush resistance(N/sphere)


Specific Surface(m2/g)


Pore Volume(cm3/g)


Static Absorption capacity (RH%)




0.0102 s.