500kg/h long bar cold process toilet laundry complet set of soap making production machine

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500kg/h toilet laundry soap production line

This line is full automatic,which can make soap easily.
By this line ,you can make both toilet and laundry soap.It inclusdes mixer, three roll mill, plodder, cutter and stamper(if you make toilet soap).
All the parts which are in contact with soap adopt high quality stainless steel and all the motor brand is very famous.
If you are a beginner ,you can choose 500kg/h or 1000kg/h soap line .

Main Machines List 
XZJ100 Mixer
XZJ50 XZJ100 XZJ450 NHJ50 NHJ100 NHJ250 NHJ450 NHJ750
S260P Three Roll Mill
S150 S260 S405AP; Diagnal Roll Mill XS260 XS440A XS440
S260P Three Roll Mill
S150 S260 S405AP; Diagnal Roll Mill XS260 XS440A XS440
XCT500 Duplex Plodder
XCT300, XCT500,XCT1000,XCT2000, XCT3000, XCT4000
XQK/G300 Embossing & Cutting Machine
XQK/G300, XQK/SG300, XQK/SSG300
XPD120 Stamper 
XPD120,XLD200,XLD280, XLD400, XLD480
Platform and Utilities
Steel Operation Platform
0.4 m3/m Air Compressor
30m3/h Vacuum pump 30m3/h
S300-WLH High Temperature Chiller 
S100-WL Low Temperature Chiller 
Mould for Embossing Cutter
Mould for Stamper

 Z1: Mixer 

The machine adopts integrated motor and gearbox, and drives one mixing shaft to rotate continuously. The two mixing blades on the shaft mix soap noodles, flakes with different kinds of liquid and solid ingredients inside the mixer chamber. Because of the special designed blades, the soap noodles and the ingredients can be mixed well and even, and dyes and ingredients can fully blend into the noodles, meeting different customer requirements. After the mixing, products are discharged through the air cylinder controlled discharging door. All parts contacting with soap are made of high quality stainless steel. On the top, there is a stainless steel cover to prevent the operators from the machine harm during the rotating and any powder dust leakage.

Z2.  Three Roll Mill 

This 3-roll mill is used for soap refining. The three rolls are horizontally mounted, rotating at different speeds. The refining fuction is achieved by pressing and squeezing force between the rolls.
The main body is made of high quality steel structure, strong and stable. All gears are precisely manufactured and immerged in oil with long life time. It is of low noise, wear resistance, and high reliability.
Rolls are made of special cast alloy, which is highly anti-wearing,(if customer requires, we can choose SS420 material) and fitted with cooling system.
Gaps between rolls are adjusted easily to achieve different refining effects and production capacity needs.

Z3.  Plodder

This machine has two stages,driven by independent transmission system,and each stage has double screws which has large output capicity,All gears are precisely manufactured.The screws are made of high quality stainless steel or aluminum alloy,which are strong corrosion-resistant and durable for long production.The inner roller body is made of stainless steel seamless pipe,preventing any laekage,All other parts which are in contact with the soap are made of high quality stainless steel.The production capacity can be adjusted according to different production speed needs by the VFD or the electromagnetic speed regulation motor.

Z4. cutter 

This machine can emboss and cut all kinds of toilet soap and laundry soap,fast and accurate.For toilet soap production,this machine will cut the soap billets from the plodder into long bars into the downstream stamper.
For the laundry soap production,a complete set of embossing mechanism can be installed at the front so that the machine can emboss and cut the soaps at the same time to product finished product for downstream packaging.This machine's control system uses world famous brand PLC,touch screen,servo,encoder, etc, and with the cam system to make the machine running accurately and reliably.
This machine can emboss one the four sides and cut all kinds of toilet soap and laundry soaps,and can meet specific requirements.
Meanwhile,to large production line ,we can cut and emboss the double soap bars at the same time in double rails.
This machine control system uses world famous brand PLC,touch screen,servo,encoder, etc and with the cam system to make the machine running accurately and reliably.

Z5. Stamper  

This machine is for soap shape forming. This type is re-designed and improved based on the original XD120 stamper by using linear guide rails, so the friction force is only 1/20 of the original cast iron V shape rails. The transmission parts have been enlarged to enforce the stamping function. And the biggest soap can be 300g. It has the advantages of smooth running,low vibration and noise,high productivity and long working life.The speed can be adjusted by VFD according to upstream plodder output speed and the bar weight. It has infeed and discharge conveyors.

Our Company

Nantong Tongji Co.,Ltd is located in Nantong,Jiangsu Province,1.5 hours' drive away from Shanghai.

Established in 1997,Nantong Tongji Co. Ltd is the lagest supplier in China and Asian area,specializing in designing and
manufacturing the whole set of toilet soap and laundry soap machinery,from soap processing soap making,finishing,packaging and end of line,with a wide range of capacity from 50kg/h small laboratory line to 8000kg/h high-speed line.The share in Chinese domestic market reaches up to 80% and for several types of machines,we are the only manufacturer who can provide them in China,as well as in Asia.

We manufacture all kinds of packaging machinery and can meet different customer requirements,such as circular packaging,flow wrapping ,cartoner,soap wrapping machine,shrink wrapping machine,overwrapping machine and case packer,widely used in daily chemical,food,pharmaceutics,chemical industries.


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