Оригинальное сырье и рафинированное подсолнечное масло для продажи, растительное кулинарное масло/подсолнечное масло

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Quality Crude and Refined Sunflower Oil for sale Our advanced quality ranges of Refined Sunflower are widely used for cooking applications and are supplied in secure packs. These are available in various quantity and are supplied on wide market scale. We ensure secure, reliable, advanced quality crude and Sunflower oil for sale

Specific Density (At 20° C)Range 0,915 – 0,923 typical 0,921
Refractive Index (At 40° C)1,474 – 1,476
Acidity Mg KOH % Gm Oil Max Range1,0 -2,0 Typical 1,6
Peroxide Value Mmol/Kg Oil Max 7,5
Color Value Iodine MgMax 15
Iodine Value (WIJS)127
Moisture & Volatile %Max 0,09 – 0,13
Saponifcation Value Mg KHO/Gm185 – 194
Unsaponificable %1, 3 – 1, 5
Phosphorus Containing Matter (P205)0,1
Non - Fatty Impurities % Max Range0,10 – 0,02 Typical 0,02
Coloring MaterialsAbsent
Artificial FlavorsAbsent
Anti OxidantAbsent
Preservative AgentAbsent
Soap ContentAbsent
Anti Foaming AgentAbsent
Anti Crystallization AgentAbsent
Acidity, Free Fatty Acid0,8 – 1,5
(FFA) % Refractive Index1,474 - 1,475
PackagingPlastic Bottle, Bulk, Can (Tinned), Drum, Flexytank
In transparent PET bottle----1L, 2L, 3L, 4L and 5L (With Handle).
In jerrycan---- 5L, 10L, 20L, 25L and 220L.
In metal tin----16L, 14kg (with or without carton), 15L /15 kg, 16 kg (with or without carton), 17L/17kg, 18L /18 kg, 20L metal tin with bung hole (Round or Square)
In metal drum---- 200L
In flexytank---- 20MT/20FCL





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