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Iwanoi Junmaiginjo Gohyakumangoku 720ml
This Junmai Ginjo sake is made from 50% polished Gohyakumangoku rice. It is a slightly dry sake with a moderate aroma and a gentle flavor.

rice(called Gohyakumangoku)、malted rice(made in Japan)
Rice Polishing Ratio
Alcohol Percentage

※This item is needed storeing refrigerated
Please keep in the refrigerator before opening
This goes well with Wrapped white fish, marinated sardines, boiled trippers in tomatoes

※This product will be shipped in a case of 12 bottles of 720ml.

The sake brewery is located near the coast, and we use underground water from the brewery for brewing.
The mineral-rich groundwater, which passes through the shell layer, is one of the hardest in Japan at about 240 degrees Celsius.
The taste of "Iwanoi" has been highly evaluated by sommeliers and in competitions.
Iwanoi Junmai Daiginjo received 95 Parker Points in
2017 (second place out of about 800 varieties), and Iwanoi 20 Year Old Secret
Sake was
awarded the Platinum Prize at the 2018 Brussels International SAKE SELLECTION and the highest gold trophy at the 2020 International Sake Challenge.
The unique taste of Iwanoi, which is different from previous sakes, goes well not only with Japanese food but also with various Western food, so please try it.

Tasting report by Sommelier and Sake Diplomat (Mr. Iigo)
First impression: Firm acidity and a fizzy feeling like Sprite on the tip of the tongue. I have the impression that Gohyakumangoku is a light, dry sake, but this sake is both light and dry, with a strong flavor that spreads in the mouth like Yamadanishiki. It has a clean yet voluminous taste.
Balance: You can feel the firm body of the rice. You can also feel the hardness from the hardness of 240 degrees.

Aftertaste: A long, thin aftertaste with a pleasant bitterness at the end.

Overall: It goes well with all kinds of food, but especially with food that has bitterness on the palate.
Sashimi (red tuna, medium fatty tuna, medium fatty tuna, yellowtail, salmon, bonito made from tosa, squid, flatfish made from kelp, raw oyster, lobster), sushi (red tuna, medium fatty tuna, medium fatty tuna, sea bream, flatfish, flatfish made from kelp,scallop,) grilled sea bream, grilled mackerel, grilled sweetfish, dried horse mackerel, grilled Spanish mackerel, grilled yellowtail with teriyaki sauce grilled sea bream, grilled sea bream with sakekasu, grilled barracuda on a cedar plank, simmered
young bamboo, simmered bamboo shoots, dressed bamboo shoots with Kinome, simmered baby ayu, simmered bigeye bream, pork cutlet,tempura of conger eel, tempura of wild vegetables, yose-nabe, Ishikari-nabe, boiled tofu, grilled lobster with mayonnaise, fritto of white fish, salted sea bream grilled sea bream, pate de campagne, smoked salmon, escargot bourguignon, roast beef, aquapazza,zarzuela, grilled scampi, monkfish in seafood soup, squid ink paella, veal Milanese (cutlet), veal saltimbocca T-bone steak, tripe in tomato sauce, white mold cheese, cheddar cheese

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Company Description

"Iwase Syuzo Corporation" is a Sake brewing and is within walking distance of Onjuku beach.we will celebrate the 300th anniversary of our founding in 2023.
We use mineral-rich groundwater that has passed through the shell layer of the Boso Peninsula. The hardness of the water is about 240 degrees, which is one of the best ultra-hard water in Japan. Our famous Sake called "Red label" has sparkling taste because of its powerful fermentation of ultra-hard water.

In addition, we sometimes make Sake with classic brewing method called "YAMAHAIMOTO" that introduces natural lactic acid bacteria during the brewing process. Our Sake made by "YAMAHAIMOTO" has a strong and mellow taste, and it tends to have full-bodied taste.

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