Split bearing bush solid oil bearing steel bushing bearing sleeve 25*32*30mm cylindrical bushing hidrolik

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Graphite bearing definition
Oil-free sliding bearings can be self-lubricated by design, work smoothly, reliably and without noise. Under the condition of liquid lubrication, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, and the friction loss and surface wear can be greatly reduced. The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. But the starting friction resistance is large. The part of the shaft supported by the bearing is called the shaft diameter, and the part matching the shaft diameter is called the bearing pad. In order to improve the frictional properties of the bearing pad surface, the layer of anti-friction material cast on its inner surface is called a bearing bush.

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Split bearing bush solid oil bearing oil less bearing steel bushing bearing sleeve 25*32*30mm cylindrical bushing hidrolik
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OEM Customized Services
Uses of self-aligning ball bearings
Shaft sleeve and pin sleeve for joint parts of construction machinery (excavator, bulldozer, loader)
Water turbine turbine of water conservancy machinery

Porous metal material
Porous metal is a powder material that has a porous structure. If it is immersed in lubricating oil, the pores are filled with lubricating oil, and it becomes an oil-bearing bearing with self-lubricating properties. The porous metal material has a low toughness and is only suitable for stable, non-impact loads and medium and small speeds. Bearing plastics: Commonly used bearing plastics include phenolic plastics, nylon, PTFE, etc. Plastic bearings have greater compressive strength and wear resistance, can be lubricated with oil and water, and have self-lubricating properties, but poor thermal conductivity.

Characteristics of graphite bearings

The sliding bearing has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacturing, small radial size, strong vibration absorption capacity of the essential oil film, etc. It can withstand a large impact load, so the work is smooth and no noise, and the shaft can be high-speed for a long time under the condition of ensuring liquid friction Operation, suitable for precise, high-speed and heavy-load rotation occasions. Since the required clearance should be obtained between the journal and the bearing to work properly, which affects the improvement of the rotation accuracy; even in the state of liquid lubrication, the sliding resistance friction factor of the lubricating oil is generally still present. Between 0.08-0.12, so its temperature rise is higher, and lubrication and maintenance are more difficult.
Split bearing bush solid oil bearing oil less bearing steel bushing bearing sleeve 25*32*30mm cylindrical bushing hidrolik

Application fields of graphite bearings
1. Shaft sleeve and pin sleeve for joint parts of construction machinery (excavator, bulldozer, loader).
2. Heavy-duty automobile balance shaft bushings.
3. Shock absorber bushes for cars and motorcycles.
4. Hydraulic industry, hydraulic gear pump bushings, oil cylinders, cylinder bushings, etc.
5. Injection molding machine, vulcanizing machine.
6. Mold industry, plastic mold, automobile mold guide sleeve
7. Water turbine turbine of water conservancy machinery.
8. Forging industry, punching machine, etc.
9. Metallurgical industry.

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Production processes
During the customer's order production process, we carry out processing inspection, the purpose is to do better quality control

Selection of graphite bearing grease
Oil-free sliding bearings can also be lubricated with grease for better performance. The following points should be considered when choosing grease:
(1) When the bearing load is large and the rotation speed is low, grease with a small cone penetration should be selected, and vice versa. High-speed bearings are selected. Greases with less cone penetration and good mechanical stability are used for oil-free and oil-free sliding bearings. Pay special attention to the lower viscosity of the base oil of the grease.
(2) The dropping point of the selected grease is generally 20-30 ℃ higher than the working temperature. In the case of continuous operation at high temperature, be careful not to exceed the allowable temperature range of the grease.
(3) When oil-free and oil-free sliding bearings work in water or wet environment, calcium-based, aluminum-based or lithium-based grease with good water resistance should be selected.
(4) Use grease with good adhesion

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