chinese brand electron lamp tube oscillation lamp for high frequency welding machine

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Product Description

 We have lamp 7T62/7T85/7T69/E3069//E3130/FU-8T85/9T94A models for you choose.

UsesIndustrial RF
Heat Equipment
(Frequency( 110 MHz(Max.)
DC Plate Voltage 8 kV (Max.)
Plate Dissipation 4.5 kW (Max.)
Output Power Class C 9 kW

Filament : Thoriated Tungusten 
Voltage  ········································ 12.6 V
Current  ··········································· 35 A
Transconductance (Ib=0.8A)  ··················································································· 13 mS
Amplification Factor ················································································································ 21 -
Interelectrode Capacitances 
Grid - Plate ········································································································· 13 pF
Grid - Filament ···························································································· 18 pF
Plate - Filament ···························································································· 0.7 pF
Frequency for Maximum Ratings ········································································································· 110 MHz

Overall Dimensions 
Length  ··································································································································· 238 mm
Diameter (Max.)  ····································································································· 128 mm
Mass  ········································································································································ 2.8 kg
Mounting Position  ······························· Vertical Plate Up or Down 
Plate : Forced Air Cooling 
Minimum Air Flow  ·································································································· 7 m3/min
Minimum Static Pressure Loss ········································································· 35 mm Water
Maximum Radiator Temperature ····················································· 250 °C
Maximum Incoming Air Temperature  ············································· 45 °C
Maximum temperature on Filament and Grid Seals ························································· 250 °C

Recommended Air Jacket ··························································· TOSHIBA VT-29035A

oscilation tube.jpg


Operation and Handling
Since the power consumption of transmitting tubes is generally high, the voltages applied to each electrodes are high and
the temperature of the electrodes rises accordingly. Therefore, incorrect operation may result in personal injury. In addition,
it is difficult to determine the mechanical design strength of a transmitting tube from its external appearance.
Therefore, all personnel who work with transmitting tubes must have a thorough understanding of correct operating procedures
to prevent damage and must handle such tubes with extreme care.
System designers and personnel involved in performing work are responsible for ensuring worker safety.
1. Applications and objectives
(1) This product is intended for use in industrial equipment only. It is not to be sold to or used by the general public.
(2) This product is not designed or intended for use in combination with equipment in which malfunction or incorrect
operation could lead to personal injury or death, Such use is strictly prohibited.
(3) Refer to delivery specifications and engineering information issued by Toshiba to ensure safe operation of this
2. Ambient conditions
(1) Store this product in a dry location (relative humidity < 60 %). Do not store this product in a location where the
temperature or humidity may change rapidly because condensation may form on the surface of the product.
(2) A filter should be used because accumulated dust will lead to deterioration of withstand voltage and may generate
smoke or catch fire.
3. Precaution against incorrect or inappropriate operation
(1) If this product is operated with an excessively high voltage or current, X-rays exceeding the standard may be
generated. Never use this product with a voltage or current exceeding the rated values.
(2) Prior consultation with Toshiba is required if this product is to be used under conditions other than those specified
or if it is used for a new type of equipment.
(3) Before using this product, determine whether or not it can be used for industrial heating applications.
(4) Only qualified engineers are permitted to use, assemble, maintain, or check this product. Other personnel are
prohibited from handling this product.
4. Precautions for operation and maintenance
To ensure that the end user is aware of the safety precautions, include the descriptions given in the safety precautions
in the operations manual provided with the equipment or take other appropriate actions.
4.1 High voltage
The voltage applied to the electrodes of the power tube can exceed 10kV, which is deadly, and the equipment
must be designed properly and operating precautions must be followed.
(1) Safety features to be incorporated in the design
*The following safety features should be incorporated in the system design:
The equipment must be designed to prevent personnel from coming into contact with high circuit.
*Interlock switches must be provided on access doors, so that when these are opened for inspection or replacement
of the tube, power supply is turned off and high-voltage capacitors are discharged.
*The power supply cannot be turned on again unless the access boor is fully closed.
(2) Safety precautions for inspection and replacement to tube
It is preferable to request that the system manufacturer send an engineer to inspect and replace the tube; if
this is not possible, two or more qualified persons well-trained in electrical work can perform the inspection
and replacement. In either case, all power supplies must be turned off before beginning any service procedure,
and parts being inspected or replaced must be grounded with aground bar.
4.2 High temperature
Although a cooling system is used, the electrode terminals are very hot both during and after operation. Do not
touch the tube just after turn off the power; wait until the temperature decreases enough not to be dangerous.
- 6 -
4.3 X-ray radiation
At voltage over 10kV, X-rays are generated. X-ray radiation at voltages up to 20kV~30kV is soft X-ray with low
penetration, therefore, it is absorbed and contained by the metal cabinet and by the glass bulb and metal parts of
the tube. However, the intensity of the radiation could become high enough to leak to the outside, adequate
evaluation of X-ray radiation for personal protection is necessary when designing the equipment.
4.4 Operating the tube
When the tube is operated for the first time or after long intermission, it is desirable to preheat for more than 15
minutes and to increase the high voltage gradually.
This operation is effective to improve and stabilize the vacuum level and ensure stable operation.
4.5 Mounting and demounting the tube
The mechanical strength of power tubes is actually fragile, even appear strong.
The internal structure of the electrodes, especially Thoriated filament, is easily affected by shock and vibration.
The mechanical strength of internal structure is same for ceramics envelope tube as that of glass envelope tube.
Therefore, careful handling is necessary for installing these tubes.
When mounting or demounting tube in the socket of equipment, special care should be taken not to subject the
tube to excess shock and vibration, such as trying to mount it into or remove it from a tight socket or by touching
the tube while it is hot.
This tube should be held vertically by holding anode or anode flange, and not to apply excess force to the terminals,
4.6 Connecting the tube
The lead wires connected to the tube must be protected from vibration and thermal expansion and cooling.
There must be no force applied directly to the sealed parts.
If the connecting socket is of the wrong size, it may cause improper electric contact, fall off during operation,
damage the tube during mounting and demounting, cause degrading the cooling effect. When tightening terminals,
do not apply excessive force to the seat parts. When connecting the tubes, do not solder the leads nor attempt
connection by winding bare wires to the terminal directly as this is very dangerous. Contact Toshiba for the requirements
of the proper accessory parts such as sockets, cap, etc.
4.7 Maintenance and inspection
We recommend that a record be kept for the operating conditions, and that periodic maintenance checks be performed
to ensure stable operation and maximum operation life of the tube. Record voltage, current and electrode
temperature, and the cause of fluctuations, if any.
Check the operation of the safety devices such as the overload relay, water relay and air flow relay.
Confirm that the tube is mounted correctly.
Attention should also be paid to environmental conditions, as high humidity and dust may damage the external
insulation of the rube.
4.8 Storage
When the tube is to be stored for a long time, pack it in the box and store the box in a location with less vibration
and low humidity, oriented correctly as indicated.
Vibration may break the filament or the tube; high humidity may damage the insulation of the valve base and
cause poor electric contact. Do not place the bare tube directly on the floor, even when remounting the tube.
4.9 Transportation
When the tube is to be transported, pack it taking the original packing method.

Any other method may damage the tube.



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