A2 acp aluminum composite panel machine line

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Product Overview


A2 Noncombustible Aluminum Composite Panel Line

A2 Noncombustible Aluminum Composite Panel
Evertopest developed the new generation A2 noncombustible Aluminum composite panel production line for the composite panel in innovated inorganic core instead of normal polyethylene (PE) or B1 mineral-filled core. This new product named A2 ACP is developed by Evertopest for strict requirements of fire retardancy regulations in architecture products.
Constructed by 100% inorganic materials, This panel is combined with extraordinary noncombustible fireproof performance,lightweight , heat insulation and ease of fabrication of composites makes more safty for the facade work.

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Structural Composition

Why Need A2

The inevitability of A2 ACP for Facade
Due to huge of the famous building, tower, hotel fire accidents, many person lost their life, many family lost their loves. As one reason is they use the normal polyethylene or low grade fireproof Aluminum composite panel, once the fire comes, the core will burn with 20 seconds, and comes big fire and smoke.But A2 noncombustible Aluminum composite panel even 30min, no fire and no smoke, so it is the new and better product to replace the normal Aluminum composite panel.

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Products Description

A2 Noncombustible Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line
The production line is newly designed by Evertopest, which use the ready noncombustible A2 core roll to continuous lamination with the top and bottom aluminum, after bonding, the panel can be noncombustible.

Preheating Oven System
The oven can optional choose the LPG or Electrical heating type according to your situations, any kinds of design can be good for A2 core roll preheating each points, just to make sure the bonding with aluminum perfect.

Stablely Unwinding System
With Evertopesty's double head moveable hydraulic collapsible chunk uncoiler, the aluminum can be stablely unwinding, to make the composite tension very steadily. It can make sure the composite panel surface very flat.

Finish Panel Quality
With the precision processing mirror chromate steel composite roller, the temperature both end of the roller error within ±3℃, so after the aluminum bonding with the core, the finished panel is very flat.

Automatic Electrical Control System
Evertopest's machine all standard use the Schneider brand low voltage components.The Plc, HMI, all choose the Siemens brand. The Inverter choose the ABB brand.

Evertopest Profile

1 / Standardized workshop of total 10,000 square meters.
2 / The equipment will be well assembled and test before leaving the factory, to ensure the smooth working of water pipeline, and pneumatic, electrical and mechnical stability.
3 / Sufficient stock of spare parts ensures the timely delivery and supply of spare parts.

EVERTOPEST Sales Manager Team and Engineer Team.
1 / Professional installation team who can speak fluent English can help customers make benefits in a shortest time.
2 / The engineers are experienced. We can produce different product with different kinds of requirements and work out reasonable flow chart as per customers' requirements to save space and cost.

EVERTOPEST Cetificates and Patents.
1 / International certification, National Certificate of equipment verification, and more than 40 invention patents are done in EVERTOPEST.
2 / Verification Certificates of equipments: ISO9001:2015; CE Certificate , TUV
3 / National Certificate of equipment verification:standard organisation of Nigeria , CNCA certificate, Saber certificate of Saudi Arabia, etc.

Evertopest Service

What Evertopest can do for you ?

Professional engineers supply suitable machine according to customer requirements.
Machine Layout.
We will make the machine layout design according to your factory conditions.
Technical Supporting
When you set up the machine we offer the compelet engineering & raw materials supporting.

If you want to know more EVERTOPEST service , pls send us inquiry without hesitate !

Packing & Delivery


Conventional packaging:
inside is wrapped with PE film, outside is ply wooden box.

The normal delivery period is 90 days, depending on the place order time, the specific time is about 90 to 120 days.

We will make detail packing lists even one nut, also make very clear photo for each parts and each package.


● If we can fullfill your request and you interested in our products, you may pay a visit to Evertopest site
● The meaning of visiting supplier, because seeing is believing, Evertopest with own manufacture and developed& research team, we can send you engineers and make sure your after sales service.

● Through Alibaba letter guarantee service, it will ensure the on time delivery and the quality of the equipment you want to buy.
● By letter of credit, you can lock the delivery time easily.
● After the factory visit, You can ensure the facticity of our bank account.

● In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional processing equipment and we have accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.
● Each component before assembly needs strictly control by inspecting personnel.
● Each assembly is in charged by a master who has working experience for more than 5 years
●After all the equipment are completed, we will assembling all the machines and run parts testing for at least 12 hours to ensure the stable running in customers' factory

● After finish the production, we will debug the production line, take photos, videos and send them to customers via mail or instant tools.
● After the commissioning, we will package the equipment by standard export package for shipment.
● We will arrange our engineers to customers' factory to do the installation and training.
● Engineers, sales managers and after-sales service manager will form a after-sales team, online and off line, to follow the
customers' project.

If you want to know more EVERTOPEST service , pls send us inquiry without hesitate !

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