Professional Transducer Manufacturer Replacement Branson 4Tr Ultrasonic Welding Converter For Plastic

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Professional Transducer Manufacturer Replacement Branson 4Tr Ultrasonic Welding Converter For Plastic

A transducer is a device that converts electrical energy and acoustic energy into each other. Used in echo sounders, Doppler logs, and acoustic related taxis. A device that converts electrical energy into acoustic energy is called a transmitting transducer; it is a receiving transducer that converts acoustic energy into electrical energy. Transmit and receive transducers are usually used separately, but one can be shared. The main performance indicators of the transducer are: operating frequency, bandwidth, electro-acoustic frequency, impedance at resonant frequency, directivity (transmitting beamwidth) and sensitivity. Depending on the physical characteristics and materials used, transducers can be divided into two categories: magnetostrictive transducers and electrostrictive transducers. The former applies the magnetostrictive effect of ferromagnetic materials, often made of nickel or nickel-iron alloy; the latter uses electrostrictive and piezoelectric effects, often made of dielectric materials such as barium titanate ceramics and lead titanate ceramics. . The transducer is mounted to the bottom of the ship and its directivity can be characterized by beamwidth or semi-diffusion angle. 

Ultrasonic transducers are used in conjunction with ultrasonic plastic welding machines to weld plastic products. Ultrasonic plastic welding machines have different welding sizes due to different use occasions and welding materials, and their specifications are also various. Its output power is from manual welding. Tool heads are available with and without amplitude amplification. Plastic welding machine acoustic system tool heads are usually made of aluminum alloy, and the end surface is plated with cemented carbide. Titanium alloy materials can also be used when the power is high. As a result, the fatigue strength of the material is more than twice that of aluminum alloy.


Technical features:
The piezoelectric ceramic chip adopts original imported parts to ensure strong and stable ultrasonic power output;
High efficiency: high mechanical quality factor, working at the resonance frequency point can obtain extremely high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency;
Large amplitude: The structure optimized by computer has high vibration speed ratio and large amplitude of the front cover;
High power: under the action of the prestressed screw, the energy of piezoelectric ceramics can be exerted to the greatest extent;
Good heat resistance: low resonance impedance, low heat generation, and wide operating temperature range.


Ultrasonic welding Transducer Specification List 
 (External sizes)(Electeomachanical characteristic)

Connect Screw

Ceramic diameter


Quantity of Ceramics


Resonance Frequency







Max Displacement


PLS-6015-4C-TrM16*1.0608151519500-20000 420011
PLS-6015-4C-QuM16*1.03812151522500-2300027500-28000 11
PLS-6015-6C-SiM16*1.0606151518500-20500 260011
PLS-5020-4C-SiBS3/8504201519000-21000 20008
PLS-5020-4C-TrM16*1.0506201523000-24000 32008
PLS-5020-4C-TrM16*1.03862015 17500-1800032008
PLS-3828-4C-SiBS3/838428158000-8500 10005
PLS-3035-4C-SiM8.1.2530435155200-5600 8004
PLS-3040-4C-SiM10*1.530440155200-5600 8002

 Professional Transducer Manufacturer Replacement Branson 4Tr Ultrasonic Welding Converter For Plastic



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