Ламинатор Wenlin A4 для удостоверения личности, ПВХ ламинатор с водяным охлаждением и воздушным вентилятором, ручная машина для ламинирования для изготовления пластиковых карт

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Product Overview


Factory Direct A4 Format Water and Air Cooling Lab Test Laminator Machine for PVC Cards

Product Description

Application range:Suitable for office or government.It can make IC、ID cards though the second time laminating.

Product introduction:
WENLIN-A4 Water and Air Cooling Laminater is according to individual business card printing equipment customer needs to retain the production of a smart PVC card laminating machine.

The machine is marverlous with a fine-looking apperance,stable performance,simple operation,reliable quality.The temperature is controlled by the digital meter.The laminator adopts water cooling.You can make pressure directly through the handle wheel.High-quality heating and cooling elements make both heating up and cooling down well.

2019 commemorative laminating machine adopts mold tooling positioning, with higher precision, more durable machine and better laminating effect.Enterprises and institutions and individual business card shop good helper.At present, more than 10,000 customers around the world are using this manual laminating machine, with the longest service life of more than 15 years, and the use effect has been consistently praised by customers.

Product Parameters

WENLIN-A4 Water and Air Cooling Laminator
laminating area
laminating layers
1-15 layers
Controlling method
Intelligent digital instrument
Temperature bound
Cooling method
Water cycling and air fan cooling
Pressure method
By hand
Power supply
>400 cards/hour


Packing and Transportation

Why Choose Us

1.Professional manufacturer of smart card laminating & punching machine,anti-counterfeiting labels laser marking machine with 20 years experience.
2.Premium supplier verified by SGS,passed CE & ISO9001 certificates.
3.Obtained 11 national invention patents, multi patents for utility models and software copyright.
4.High quality,custumized products and better service.
5.Cooperate with customers in many countries around the world.

Company Profile

Wuhan Wenlin Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, which is a smart card making equipment R & D, production and materials supply enterprise. The laminator and punching machine for IC, ID&RFID smart card are well-praised. There are more than 1000 customers in nearly more than 50 countries and regions around the world, including the world-famous card making enterprises. The machines are widely used in the production fields of Union Pay, VISA, MasterCard, second generation ID card, residence card, social security card, double interface card and IC, ID smart card and so on.
Wenlin is a high-tech and national Torch Program project enterprise identified by the Chinese government, as well as a demonstration enterprise of scientific & technological innovation and patent transformation. The trademark “WENLIN" have been evaluated as famous trademarks of Hubei province and Wuhan city for more than 10 years.
Wenlin passed CE and ISO9001 certificates, and obtained 11 national invention patents(ZL201110189116.0;ZL201110189122.6;ZL201410139338.5;ZL201410140570.0;ZL201410139337.0;ZL201410140607.X;ZL201410125696.0;ZL201410140568.3;ZL201410139336.6;ZL201511029056.0;ZL201510513046.8),multi patents for utility models(ZL2015211392374;ZL201721920832.0;ZL20192242777.7T etc)and software copyright.
Founding century name brand, Creating hundred-years-old Wenlin. To provide the best card making solution and service for all the customers is the eternal aim of Wenlin. We’d like to cooperate with agents all over the world.

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