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Working principle of water meso gun 
This mesotherapy water injection system in South Korea is a nine-pin supplementary injections of high-end high-tech cosmetic equipment, using negative pressure technique can accurately in the DermIS layer of skin under the 1.28mm depth of nutrients, the greatest degree of satisfaction of the consumers "changes" cosmetic needs, has a very broad market space.
1. The principle of water injection project
South Korea's newly developed demasha dermasha generation 2 water injection device using negative pressure technique can accurately in the DermIS layer of skin under the 1.28mm depth of nutrients, micro-needle into the skin before using negative pressure apparatus to mention the skin, then needle more accurately into the deep DermIS. Dose, injection frequency can be adjusted on the LED screen. In addition, the needles before they release the pressure on the syringe, so there will be no loss of nutrients.
2. Mesotherapy injection light is known as the most secure and reliable high tech hairdressing and the four reasons
1.) has the first international patent technique;
2). dermal absorption of nutrients should be added up to 98.3%, 68.3% higher than the traditional complementary therapies;
3). additional depth control accuracy accurate amount up to 0.01cc up to 0.1mm and dose control, is the high-tech beauty beauty equipment of injection instrument is most accurate;
4). injection is simple and convenient.

Microneedle RF

The instantaneous arrival of radio energy in the dermis.Released from the tip of the "golden microneedle",Directly inject energy into the dermis,At the same time avoid traditional electric waves in energy the problem of chaos after entering the skin.The most precise treatment through the microneedle Stimulation brings natural healing to the skin Process and growth factor-inducing cells produce.


31G 32 G, 9 Pin Multi Needle Type
0.0 ~ 2.0 mm
1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc
Microneedle RF/Hot and cold ice hammer
Microneedle RF/Hot and cold ice hammer
Intermittent, Continuous
AC 110 ~ 240V, 50~60 Hz
Injector : 293 × 49 × 168,
Body : 333 × 298× 130
Body LCD
3.0 Inch, Touch Screen
5 Kg (Body + Injector)
Dimension (W × L × H CM) : 47 × 40 × 45, Weight: 5.5Kg
Dimension (W × L × H CM) : 56 × 44 × 70, Weight: 15Kg
dermasha 3

1). non-surgical beauty treatments
2). short time (whole face: 15-20 minute)
3). the use of needles and automation equipment
4). beauty treatments just after a slight redness may soon get back to daily life
5). in the dermal layer of the skin effect
6). the use of negative pressure meter lift skin
7). skin nutrients into accurate
8.) can be accurately adjusted depth of injection
9). instrument adjustment can be made simply on the LED screen
10). pain slight – 31G 32G needles

- No syringes, no redness, no swelling, no pain.
- One treatment is equivalent to 864 conventional treatments.
- 200-300 times more moisturizing power, keeps the skin moist, soft and luminous.
- It ‘saturates the skin with water’ in one go to bestow a moist gloss to the skin.
- It directly moisturizes the skin, so as to deliver moisturizing, whitening, lifting and detoxification effects.
- It effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, uplifts the skin and lightens pigmentations.
- The face will become soft, tight and moist after the treatment.

Skin dark and rough, dry skin, face colored spot
1. improving face, neck, hands wrinkled (wrinkles, nasolabial and other sensitive areas, smaller stimulus);
2 whitening to improve dull skin; effective complement to cheek, neck, chest, hands, lips and other parts need water;
3. pores, increases elasticity, firming the skin;
4. adequate pay, keep your skin moist and soft, shiny, more youthful permeability;
5. fade spots, improve acne. Effective on freckles, dark circles, acne, large pores and improve skin inflammation; long white and tender skin.


1. Can have my Logo?
Reply:yes, logo on body shell and logo on software free. 
2. If Broken?
Reply: Contact us and send us details video and pictures, our engineer will provide you solution within 24 hours. 
Reply: yes, we have professional R&D team including software ,hardware ,electronics and designers 3D department. 
4. Warranty?
Reply:Lifelong technique support.2 years warranty. 
5. Training ? 
Reply: yes, we offer user manual and videos as your guidance 24 hours online service. 
6.Payment method?
Reply: Alibaba Trade Assurance, T/T, WESTERN UNION, Credit Card,Paypal. 
7.Package of machine? 
Reply: strong andbeautiful aluminum alloy case with plastic and foam. Hard enough to protect your machine on the way.

Company Profile

ZHZY XI'an Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd is a globe manufacture of medical-aesthetic equipment.It is famous in design and develop IPL, Radio-Frequency,Diode laser,Co2 laser,Nd-yag laser and HIFU,cavitation technology products.

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