High Quality clear PCB Silicone conformal Coating

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Product Overview



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Product Features

UL certificate No. -E513688
YH-9300 A/B is a two-component epoxy system with low viscosity, good fluidity and good leveling. It has the following characteristics:
1. This product is a black epoxy potting compound with low viscosity, good fluidity and easy penetration into the gap of the product;
2. It can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and the curing speed is moderate;
3. No bubbles, smooth surface, high heat resistance, good gloss and high hardness after curing;

Scope of use

1. Any electronic or other products that need to be filled with sealing, encapsulation protection, insulation and moisture-proof can be used;
2. Widely used in the potting of transformers, sensors, buzzers, atomizers, negative ion generators, aquarium pumps, ignition coils, power modules, electronic controllers and other electronic components;
3. Especially recommended for priming of motor coils.

Technical indicators

Test items
Black liquid
gray liquid
25 ℃、g/cm3
25 ℃、g/cm3

It is recommended to wear protective equipment such as gloves, masks and goggles during use. In order to achieve the best performance of the product, it should be accurately weighed during use.


Test Conditions
Mixing ratio (A:B)
weight ratio
mixed viscosity
Available time
25°C (mixing amount 800g)
20-30 minutes

1. Weighing: In order to achieve the best performance of the product, it is recommended to use a high-precision electronic scale for accurate weighing.
2. Mixing: Mix the weighed materials A and B and stir them evenly; during manual stirring, ensure that the resin on the wall and bottom of the container is fully dispersed.
3. Pouring: Pour the mixed A and B materials into the object to be poured, and cure at room temperature or medium temperature.
4. Recommended curing process: normal temperature/12-16 hours, heating at 50-60℃, 3-4 hours, heating, +100℃/2h.
5. The more glue mixed together, the faster the reaction will be, the faster the curing speed will be, and it may be accompanied by a lot of heat, please pay attention to control
The amount of glue dispensed at one time, because due to the accelerated reaction, its usable time will also be shortened, and the mixed glue should be used up in a short time as much as possible;
6. Before using in large quantities, please try a small amount first to master the use skills of the product to avoid mistakes;
7. After filling, the glue will gradually penetrate into the gap of the product. If necessary, please carry out a second filling;
8. During the curing process, please keep the environment clean to prevent impurities or dust from falling onto the surface of the uncured glue

parameters after curing

unit or condition
Volume resistivity
25℃, Ω.cm
surface resistivity
25℃, Ω
Dielectric strength
25℃, Kv/mm
Dielectric constant (50Hz)
Dielectric loss
Tensile Strength
Bending strength
Impact strength
Glass transition temperature Tg
temperature resistance

Note: The above performance data is based on 36 hours of complete curing test at room temperature, it is only for reference when customers use it, and it cannot be fully guaranteed in a certain all of the above values can be achieved in a specific environment. Please use the measured data as the standard

emergency procedures

Eye contamination from resin, hardener or mixture should be flushed immediately with clean tap water for 10 to 15 minutes. A doctor should then be consulted.Material smeared or splashed on the skin should be wiped off and the contaminated area washed and treated with a cleansing cream. In case of severe irritation or burns, consult Doctor. Contaminated clothing should be changed immediately.

storage & packing

Part A
Part B
Can be packaged according to customer requirements
5KG/25kg Bucket

The product should be stored in a sealed container and placed in a cool and ventilated 25°C environment; the curing agent component is relatively sensitive to moisture in the air, and should be sealed in time when not used up; the shelf life of this product is 6 months from the date of production

Company profile


1. Are you trading company or factory?
Obviously we are a factory. We own 5000sqm factory and advanced facilities, with 30 tons daily output. Our
factory is in Foshan city which is next to Guangzhou.
2. Is the resin good quality?
Sure. It' s super gross, high crystal, high hardness, bubble free, UV resistance, and Scratch proof.
3. What’s the maximum casting thickness for river table?
It depends on the temperature, mixing quantity, and size of the holeNormally, 5-7cm available in 25 25C
4. Do you provide free sample before bulk order?
Yes, 1-2kg free sample available. you may need to bear the freight for samples , when you make bulk order to
us we will reduce from the total amount.
5. Which shipping way is available?
We welcome if you have your own shipping forwarder in China. If not, we can ship via our agent.
Fedex will be the first choice less than 20kg.
6. What’s your MOQ?
It depends on the shipping.
Sample order have no MOQ, ship by sea will be 200kg MOQ
7. Which payment way is workable?
Trade Assurance on Alibaba, Western Union, L/C, Paypel, T/T (50%deposit, 50% before shipment after presentation of ready cargo)
8. Delivery time?
Normally,delivery time of standard order is 1-3 days after you pay.Customized order will need 15 20 days.
9. How to be your distributor?
A:We welcome distributors and agents worldwide,we will provide the best solution and service for our partners.
10. What’s the storage date
Normally 12 Month available if well sealed.
After 12 months, it can still be used but there will be a light yellowish, and may not be cured as well as before.

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