Activated bleaching earth palm oil bleaching earth

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 The most important performance of activated clay (TY-01) is its adsorption and decolorization ability. There are two main forms of adsorption: physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. Van der Waals force is the force that produces physical adsorption. This force generally exists on the surface of adsorbent and between adsorbate molecules. It can remove organic pigments such as carotene, lutein, chlorophyll, phospholipids, lipopolysaccharides and harmful components such as aflatoxin and free gossypol from animal and vegetable oils; Chemisorption depends on the chemical bonds formed and has obvious selectivity, such as selective adsorption for impurities such as hydroxyl containing substances, trace metals (trace iron, copper, nickel, etc.) and soap like substances (calcium soap, magnesium soap, etc.); At the same time, it can also remove some oxidation products such as aldehydes, ketones and epoxides. It can decolorize, deodorize, detoxify and reduce the oxidation of edible oil, so as to improve the quality of edible oil and prolong its storage period. At present, it is widely used for decolorization of various animal and vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, tea oil, corn germ oil, refined kernel oil, sesame oil, tung oil, safflower oil, etc.


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Inner Mongolia Ningcheng Tianyu Hi Tech Co.,Ltd is a modern enterprise of bentonite production.We are a group with industrialization,poly-basic and modernization,integration of technology, real estate, tourism ,industry and trade together.Inner Mongolia Ningcheng Tianyu Bentonite Hi Tech Co.,ltd belongs to Inner Mongolia Tianyu Group. We are one of the largest bentonite manufacturer in China. With more than 20 years experience,we own five mines and three production bases and the fourth one is under construction.Our bentonite and montmorillonite are in high quality.our annual production capacity 200,000 tons.We have established the bentonite base of research and development which has the character of biggest production capacity,wide selection of products and has the highest research and develop capacity in the Northeast and North China-Bentonite Chemical Science and Technology Zone,Our company is the example enterprise of bring forth new ideas in the science and technology in autonomous zone ,it is AAA grade credit enterprise in financial circles,It had got the certificate of quality management system confirmation of ISO 9001:2000,it is special association vice directors of nonmetal minerals in bentonite.It is member unit of China oil and fat industry ,and has the right of import and export for the foreign economic trade.The company has form the integration of primary process,intermediate grades and deep-processing,Near the largest bentonite resources base of China,there are all kinds of fine raw earth elected and production.

Our Main product are as follows:

*Activated bleaching earth (edible oil and industrial oil refining&decoloring)

*Feed grade montmorillonite (mycotoxin binder, feed pellet binder )

*Montmorillonite desiccant (high moisture absorbent)

*Pharmaceutical montmorillonite (raw material supply)

*Organic bentonite/montmorillonite ( oil based drilling, rheological agent for coating)

*Bentonite clay for precision casting

*Cat litter (ball shape, crushed particle, dust free, scented)

*Granules bleaching earth( for aviation kerosene refining-nature or extruded )

*Foundry grade bentonite clay

*Paper making grade bentonite clay (as retention aid)

*Drilling grade bentonite clay ( API standard and OCMA standard)

*Metallurgy grade bentonite ( binder for iron ore pellet)

*High purified montmorillonite for detergent/soap/liquid detergent

*Bentonite used for fertilizer carrier/binder, soil conditioner for sandy earth

*Bentonite for construction (civil engineering, pipe, reservoir, dam,landfill..) 

*Bentonite for ceramics

*High purified/modified montmorillonite clarificant for juice/soy sauce/vinegar/wine/beer/Baijiu

We occupy great market share in domestic,also exported to tens of countries and regions by virtue of our reliable stable quality control and reasonable competitive pricing.

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