WOSOM safety electrical MCB-DZ65-320 3Pole 20Amps B/C/D Curve 10KA kit miniature circuit breaker

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Product Overview


Product Detail

Structural Features

1) The rated short-circuit breaking capacity is high, and some rated current levels can reach more than 10KA.
2) Double wiring function, can easily connect standard busbar and flexible wire.
3) The combined terminal block with finger touch protection has higher safety.
4) With energy storage mechanism operation, the contacts close quickly, which overcomes the adverse effects caused by the speed of the manual operation handle, and improves the service life of the product.
5) A variety of accessories are available, and modular, flexible combination, user installation is very convenient.
6) The shell and some functional parts are made of imported high flame retardant, high temperature resistant and impact resistant plastics.
7) High current limiting coefficient and superior cost performance.

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