TPU WHT1490 film extrusion and injection molding TPU granules Theroplastic Polyurethane Polyester Resin Plastic Raw Material

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Product parameters     
Performance itemsTest conditiontest methodtest dataData unit
physical propertyhardness ASTM D224090Shore A
 ASTM D2240-Shore D
density ASTM D7921.2g/cm3
Mechanical propertiesmodulus ASTM D4127MPa
300% modulus ASTM D41212MPa
Tensile strength ASTM D41237MPa
elongation ASTM D412460%
tear strength ASTM D624100N/mm
Thermal performanceProcessing temperature  185-205



TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes): thermoplastic elastomer rubber. A plastic material that can soften or change repeatedly under a certain heat, but it can maintain its shape at room temperature It can play a supporting and protective role.



The main features of TPU are:

Wide hardness range: products with different hardness can be obtained by changing the ratio of each reaction component of TPU, and with the increase of hardness, the products still maintain good elasticity and wear resistance.

High mechanical strength: TPU products have outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance.

Outstanding cold resistance: the glass transition temperature of TPU is relatively low, and it still maintains good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties at minus 35 degrees.

Good processing performance: TPU can be processed by common processing methods of thermoplastic materials, such as injection molding, extrusion, calendering and so on. At the same time, TPU and some polymer materials can be processed together to obtain polymer alloys with complementary properties.



TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane, which can be divided into polyester type and polyether type. It has wide hardness range (60ha-85hd), wear resistance, oil resistance, transparency and good elasticity. It is widely used in the fields of daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, decorative materials and so on. Halogen free flame retardant TPU can also replace soft PVC to meet the environmental protection requirements of more and more fields. TPU has many brands and uneven quality. It's best to go through detailed evaluation and demonstration when choosing TPU, otherwise we can't get the best result of cost performance. TPU has a wide range of hardness, high strength, friction resistance, good toughness, good elasticity, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, climate resistance and other characteristics unmatched by other plastic materials. At the same time, it also has many excellent functions, such as high water resistance, moisture permeability, wind resistance, cold resistance, antibacterial, mildew resistance, heat preservation, UV resistance and energy release. It is widely used in shoe materials, bag materials, sports equipment, medical equipment, automobile industry, packaging products, wire and cable coating materials, hoses, films, coatings, inks, adhesives, melt spun spandex fibers, artificial leather, bonded clothing, gloves, air blowing products, agricultural greenhouse, air transportation and national defense industry.






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