VDE CE Standard H07VV-F/H05VV-F/H03VV-F PVC Insulation Multicore Flexible Power Cable Made In China

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
PVC wire
Working Temperature

1. High and low temperature resistance
2. Aging resistance
3. Durable and Long service life
4. Flexible performance
5. Fire resistance
6. Anti-acid and alkali
7. Resistance to chemical solvents
8. High resistance of humidity
9. Excellent electric insulationerty.

Application Fields

Manufacturing Technique

Company Profile

ZHEJIANG WRLONG HIGH TEMPERATURE WIRE & CABLE CO.,LTD is a modernized enterprise which has specialized in high-temperature wire and cable since year 2002 .We locate in yueqing, Zhejiang, China.
Our plant area is 8800 square meters, annual production capacity is above 106,000km. We own many advanced production lines in China, and test and experimental equipment which can meet quality request. We have many senior technicians and engineers who have abundant technical experience.
We have passed ISO9001-2000 certificate of quality system. Our products have gotten UL certificate , CCC and other safety certification. All of our products’ material have ROHS certificate.
Our main products are silicone wire, fiberglass braided silicone wire, FEP/PFA/PTFE wire, special wire, and household appliance wiring. Our wires have the features of high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance, etc. They are applied to Aerospace, household appliance, electric machine, electronic equipment, lighting, electric heating products, heating appliance, cooking equipment, PC communication, auto industry, etc.
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Why Choose Us

1.Whatever type of wire you need,wrlong wire can provide a effective solution to your particular requirements.
2.Manufacturing world-class wires, our offerings include a full range of standard wire and cable products for companies across the world, as well as excellence and expertise in customized cable solutions.
3.Wrlong wires go through rigorous tests to ensure highest standards of quality and a long life
4.Wrlong was established 20 years ago, has a wealth of experience in foreign trade.


Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


Question 1: What are the main types of wire and cable produced by your company?
Answer: our company mainly produces FEP/PFA/PTFE high temperature resistant wires, silicone high temperature resistant wires, PVC electric wires and other related small and medium-sized wires and cables. The types of cables including: AFF (FEP wire + FEP sheathed)、AFP (FEP wire + The shielding material of woven mesh can be tinned copper wire, aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, etc.)、 AFV (FEP wire + PVC sheathed)、AFPV (FEP wire + shielding layer (remark material) + PVC sheathed、AFG (FEP wire + silicone rubber sheathed)、 AFPG(FEP wire + shielding layer (remark material) + silicone rubber sheathed)、 AGV (silicone rubber wire + PVC sheathed)、AGG silicone high voltage wire、AGRG silicone rubber wire + silicone rubber sheathed、 AFS FEP twisted pair and other related high temperature resistant wire and cable .

Question 2: How long is the production cycle?
(AF200-1, AGR other conventional products in stock is still relatively complete)
(AF200-1, AGR other conventional products are still relatively well stocked)
conventional specifications are available in all colors.
If the product is out of stock , We can shipped the goods within 3-5 days. If the customer is in urgent need of an order, please contact the sales of our company for urgent processing. If customer need high temperature resistant wires and cables, They need to contact our sales in advance, Because our company has not prepared stock for these products .All are produced on request according to the order quantity. The production cycle is 10-15 days. It is determined based on the products and the company's existing orders. You can contact with our sales and ask for more information.

Question 3: What is the applicable scope of the wires produced by your company?
our high temperature resistant wire products are mainly applicable to the internal wiring of automotive electronic wiring harness, automotive sensors,electric lighting connection, microwave oven, Induction Cooker, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner and other equipment products.

Question 4: Is your high temperature wire product suitable for home decoration except for internal use of electronic equipment?.
the high temperature wire and cable produced by our company can be used in the home decoration in addition to the internal wiring of electronic equipment.Our CQC related certification wire passed in June 2020 is the standard applicable to household wires.

Question 5: what are the obvious differences between high temperature resistant household wires and ordinary household wires?
The wire on the market are generally made of bare copper wire with a PVC sheathed. Our household wires are made of tinned copper wire with a FEP sheathed. the biggest difference between these two types of wire is the material, PVC material performance is easy to age, flammable, and so on. The characteristics of FEP are anti-aging,anti-flaming,anti-oil,etc.Therefore,the safety performance of household wires made of FEP material is much higher than the PVC.

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