Chemical Corrosion Resistance Acid And alkali Resistance Meta Aramid PMIA Conductive Yarn

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The world's first aramid conductive fiber with excellent electrical conductivity, and the specific resistance can reach 10Ω· cm at room temperature. At the same time, it retains the original excellent flame retardant performance of aramid fiber, and its limiting oxygen index can reach more than 28%. It is an essential flame retardant fiber and will not burn, melt or produce droplets in the air.


Compared with other base conductive fibers, aramid conductive fibers can effectively enhance the flame retardancy of fabrics. The limiting oxygen index of aramid fabric with 2% nylon based or polyester based conductive fiber is 30%, while the limiting oxygen index of fabric with 2% aramid based conductive fiber can reach 39% - 40%.


Due to the difference of high temperature resistance of matrix materials, aramid conductive fibers also show excellent high temperature resistance than other conductive fibers. Similarly, when placed at 265 ℃ for 5 minutes, the state of aramid based conductive fiber has no obvious change, while polyester based conductive fiber will shrink significantly, and some of them have even begun to melt.


At the same time, aramid conductive fiber also has the characteristics of low rigidity and high elongation. It can be processed into any length and feels soft. After blending with other fibers, it can meet the index requirements of antistatic fabric and improve the flame retardant performance of fabric at the same time.



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