Custom wholesale kraft paper green gum kraft paper tape slitting machine dispenser

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Tape Dispenser
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Product name
Automatic Tape Dispenser
Customized Color
Cutting Tape
Carton Package
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Adhesive Tape Cutter Machine
Plastic + Steel

Product Description

After inserting paper tape according to the manual,then the preparations are completed.

1.Setting the length of paper tape:
Move the operating lever forward until the poerating lever cam(2)points to the target length on the black dial.
Loosen the compression nut(3),and then adjust the cam(4)to the target length on the red dial ti set the second cutting length('H',depending on different carton sizes,etc.).

2.Paper tape cutting:
When operating lever loosens and returns to resting position,cutting is completed.If the length that you need is very short(4-8 inches),the operating lever is not fast enough to manage cutting.In this case,please adjust the spring of lever ti hoghest position to manage cutting.

3.Pressure of paper tape on brush:
For light gummed paper(less 70g per sq.m),please move balance weight backwards to blade.
For heavy gummed paper(over 70g per sq.m),please move balance weight for ward.

Main specifications of the machine:
External Size:45*28*23cm;
Weight: about 9.5kg;

Adhesive tape type:
normal,single -layer reinforcement (multi-frquency paper or similar),double-layer reinforcement.

Paper size:
Length:minimum 3 inches,maximum 44 inches;
Width:minimum 0.8inches,maximum 3.1 inches;
Maximum diameter of adhesive tape:8 inches;

1) The operation manual must be carefully read and fully understood before the machine id used.
2)Make sure that operators and equipment managers who ebentually the machine possess this operation manual.
3)Please properly keep this operation manual after reading it,and put it in handt for convebient reference.

3.General Description:
1)This kind of Gummed Tape Dispenser can only be exploted to priduce adhesive tapes.Because of its design and manufacture.It must not be applied for other purposes.Our company will not any responsibility for those damages which are condycted by improper use.
2)Plese cheack completeness of the machine first after opening it.If there is any confusion or doubt,please directly consuit the supplier instedad of turning on the machine.
3)Do not let child(under 13 years old)or any other person,who without permission or doesn't know how to use the machine,operate it.

1)Maintenance should be done by professionals or in company's assistant center.I,proper maintenance maytrigger serious accidents and only original compinents canbe used in the machine.
2)Regular maintenance of the machine should be kept by professionals.
3)wash the moistening brush with warm water and soap at least once a week and then rinse it with water.
4)Grease the blade with an oil tank at least once a month(only one drop).
5)Do not oil the rubber wheels:wash them with water at least once a month.The wheel can be reached by remobing the moving disk first.
6)When mobing the bottles,hold the hole with figure in case of leakage.
7)wash water container with water and soap at least once a mouth.

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Q Q: What is your payment terms?
A A: 30% TT in advance, balance payment before shipment.

Q Q: What kind of trade terms will be accepted?

Q Q: What certification you have?
A A: SGS certification.

Q Q: If I want a details quotation,what should I offer?
A A: Please kindly offer width, length, color, quantity and usage.

Q Q: Does your company accept customer's design?
A A: Yes. Size, paper core, box can be customized.

Q Q:How long is the lead time?
A A: Jumbo roll - 15 working days for 20ft container. Finished roll - 20 working days for 20ft container.

Q Q: How could we know your quality?
A A: 2 pieces sample will be free, special customized or more than three need take some fees then freight collect.

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