Senad small parcel sorting system

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Price:$7,000.00 - $8,000.00
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Product Overview


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The dimensioning weighing scanning code series can provide automatic weighing, dynamic code reading, volume measurement for packages of express or e-commerce, high precision, high efficiency and simple operation. We can provide other customized solutions such as weighing scanning equipment, dimensioning weighing scanning equipment, double weighing scanning dimensioning equipment, three- sided, five-sided, six-sided scanning weighing dimensioning equipment, etc.

Main Advantages
Save labor costs
Simple operation
High accuracy
intelligent sorting
Economical and multi-functional

Product Parameters

Package Types
Cartons,soft packages,woven bags,thin packages
Smallest Package height 
Largest package height
Scanning,weighing,sorting,(dimensioning optional)
Dimensioning accuracy
Reading rate
99.99%( excluding the Wrinkled,reflected,dirty and damaged barcodes)
Readable barcodes (includes but not limited)
Code128,Code39,Code93,EAN 8,EAN13,UPC-A,ITF25,Codebar; QR Code, DM(ECC200)
Scanning Direction
Top scan/three sides scan/five sides scan/six sides scan
Weight accuracy
Overall size
4200mm*2350mm*2500mm(6 sides)
Belt width
Included parts
Frame,scales,barcode reading set,software(3D camera)
Senad DWS software(patented)
Computer operation system
Windows 7/10 32/64bits

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Company Profile

Senad is a high-tech enterprise concentrated on research & development and production of high-end warehouse automation equipments.

There are not only standard equipments but also customizable ones to realize different functions,such as high speed bulk packages barcode scanning, static and dynamic weighing,volume dimensions measuring,conveying and sorting,as well as the DWS integrated line system and also face recognition system,feeding systems,automatic conveying equipment,and follow-up robot,transportation robot,etc.The information collected can be stored, downloaded and shared to the users' management system.

The equipments take machine vision deep learning algorithms and robotic motion control as the core,and image processing algorithms,artificial intelligence,pattern recognition,video analysis algorithms, ARM|FPGA|DSP embedded software and hardware development,industrial machine vision positioning,visual tracking,visual inspection,multi-sensor information fusion and other technical means,to achieve the goal of "replacing manual labor with robot".

These equipments are designed to sent companies free from the problems of "Labor shortage,Labor expensiveness and Labor difficulty" and disputes and losts because of manual typo-error, and can achieve a highly rised working efficiency.

Technology makes production easier.

We pursuit a win-win situation. Our mission is to bring our partners easier work and higher efficiency.We will constantly contribute in upgrading and developing new technologies for practical application and provide high quality equipments and professional consultant services to our partners.

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Manufacturer: Senad Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
ATTN: Christine Yuan
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TEL: +86-21-5991 9555
FAX: +86-21-5992 0633
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