Custom EMI Shielding Electric Cloth Self Adhesive Double Conductive Fabric Tape For Laptop Tablet Phone GPS Cable Parts Assemble

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Product Usage

1. Computer room: shielding computer room, computer room, telecommunication center, communication equipment room, satellite ground station, recording and broadcasting room;
Scientific research: laboratory, test room, analysis (anti-electromagnetic radiation interference: effectively suppress the electromagnetic wave signal interference from the surrounding of the working environment, and provide an effective guarantee for the normal operation of protecting electronic instruments and equipment systems)
2. Confidentiality: confidential rooms, offices, etc. (anti-information leakage: effective shielding and suppressing
electromagnetic signals passing through the wall, preventing information leakage and secret theft)
3. Individuals: signal transmitting towers, residential families near transmitting base stations (anti-high-frequency
electromagnetic radiation damage: effectively shielding the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation generated by TV and radio transmitting towers, mobile phone base stations, radars, etc. to the surrounding environment, providing safety for human beings , a healthy living and working environment).
4. Others: This product is widely used in the internal structural parts of electronic products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, etc., such as; FPC, PCB, speakers, antennas, cameras and other modules electromagnetic wave shielding and electrostatic discharge.

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