Резиновая уплотнительная лента, резиновый эластичный шнур, латексная проволока, система предварительной обработки пламени

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GS-100-26HC online multi burner flame treatment system rubber elastic rope surface flame treatment line
Exceptional latex rubber thread
All kinds of rubber foot pads and all kinds of rubber products back double-sided adhesive and rubber sole treatment adhesive.
Flame treatment process is a process of oxidizing the surface of plastic with strong oxidation flame to change its molecular structure. Flame treatment can be used to adjust the surface properties of plastics, oxidize the macromolecules on the plastic surface at high temperature and produce polar groups. In addition, it also affects the structure and morphology of surface molecule aggregation, so that the water-based covering film is attached to the plastic surface.
Polyethylene plastic (PE plastic) / polypropylene plastic (PP plastic) will directly affect the process effects of printing, painting and gluing due to the poor original surface tension; Using BeiCang machinery (Taiwan) flame treatment system will greatly improve the surface tension of PP / PE plastic workpiece.
The flame pre-treatment system of rubber sealing strip, rubber elastic rope and latex line adopts multiple groups of high-speed flame treatment spray guns, which are fixed on the drum workbench through the. When the rubber elastic rope passes through the treatment station, the flame spray gun is opened inductively; Automatic continuous flame treatment control design.
Product features:
Adopt high-strength pressure resistant aluminum alloy shell, light and safe, multi row anti blocking flame orifice structure, indoor flame design; Stainless steel fracture sealing pad is convenient for disassembly, assembly and repair; The pull-out adjusting baffle can effectively control the width of fire spraying, and the operation is simple; Integrated precision gas combiner; Easy to adjust the flow of gas and compressed air, including anti countercurrent function; Both plug and use, simple operation; It is recommended to use in a fixed position; Electronic ignition device can be selected or safety monitoring and detection system and precision flow control system can be installed.

Flame temperature: more than 1100 ℃
Flame shape: 70 * 20MM rectangular array
Treatment method: online through burner
Ignition mode: high frequency electronic induction ignition
Combustion gas: Standard petroleum gas or natural gas
Combustion supporting gas: compressed air 6kgf / cm2. It is recommended to connect stable and clean air source
Power supply: 220V / 50Hz

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