automatic poultry incubators for sale incubator 96 98% Cheap Chicken Goose Quail Parrot Small Birds 96 Egg Incubator Hatching

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Egg IncubatorEgg Capacity (pcs)
WQ-98/WQ-196/WQ-294 98/196/294 Chicken eggs
Power 80w
Voltage Single power 220V/110V. Dual power type 220V/110V/12v
Temperature control accuracy ≤±0.1
Display resolution of moisture ±5%RH
Usage Chicken,Bird,Duck,Turkey,Quail,Goose
Brand Name WEIQIAN
Material color steel crust and edge with aluminum alloy
Function Full-automatic Poultry Egg Incubator
LifeTime 10 - 12 Years
Warranty 3 years
Hatching rate high more than 98%
Heating MethodsCan be heated by electricity,coaland so on 
Quality  CE, Won Nation Patent and ISO9001:2008

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Egg incubators






egg incubators


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Chicken plucker and egg incubatorAll goods we are producing(Pressing the following product names will show the shopping links if you have needs):




Chicken plucker machine&quail plucker ; 70L&120L Scalder

Many sizes with high quality

Many types with cheap price 


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Chicken plucker and egg incubator



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