High quality takenaka amanohashidate oil sardine, katakuchi sardine in oil 105g

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Takenaka Amanohashidate Oil Sardine, Katakuchi Sardine in Oil 105g

Oil Sardine (sardine in oil) is synonymous with Takenaka Canned Foods. The basis for making canned products that look beautiful and taste good in the mouth is to purchase sardines that are fresh. Canned goods are bought on trust, as you cannot see what is inside. We try to select the best ingredients so that when the customer opens the can, he or she will be pleased with the product. We are committed to canning carefully one by one, sparing no expense in the selection of ingredients, keeping in mind that good products can only be made from good ingredients.

Takenaka Canzume also selects high-quality oils for use. One such oil is cottonseed oil, which is extracted from cotton seeds. Cottonseed oil has a light, elegant flavor and is a strong ally for making the most of the ingredients it is used with. It is also used for making hand-pulled somen noodles and cakes.
Among the many olive oils available, we select fresh, aromatic extra virgin olive oil that goes well with seafood and use it in our canned products.
We will continue to use high quality oils such as cottonseed oil and extra virgin olive oil that enhance the taste, color, and texture of seafood.

At Takenaka Canned Foods, the process from preparation of raw seafood to canning is done by hand by our employees. This is because we believe that even with the advance of mechanization and automation, there are still many things that are better done by hand. The size and shape of the seafood we use varies slightly from day to day. We carefully and quickly can each fish, one by one, using our expert skills to identify these slight differences, while maintaining the freshness of the fish through careful and quick manual work.

Product Usage
You can eat it as is, but also use it in sandwiches, pizzas, cooked rice, etc.

We are particular about our ingredients and manufacturing methods, and our safety and security are highly valued by health-conscious and safety-conscious customers.

It is always sold in supermarkets that carry good products without regard to price.

Nutrition Facts (Per 1 can (65g solid))
Storage Method
Best if eaten by this date
Japanese anchovy(made in japan), cottonseed oil, salt, bay leaves
Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight
1095 days from manufacture
salt equivalent

Company Profile

Maruchu Kasai Kaisan Co., Ltd. purchases and sells "Ibuki Iriko", the Kagawa prefecture brand Iriko, and Tokushima brand "Naruto Wakame" certified by the prefecture, which are purchased and purchased by connoisseurs, including products of many manufacturers representing Tokushima Prefecture in Japan.

We also handle many products and organic allergen-free products from each region of Japan that we have cultivated in the online mail order business for many years.

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