High Speed Welding Machine for Flexible Metal Hose Ends Fittings Hose Assembly Making Machine

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Product Overview


Automatic Fitting Welding Machine for Corrugated Metal Hose

Product Description

1. One-piece design of the whole machine, compact structure, mature and reliable; three-jaw self-centering lathe chuck rotates and locates accurately
2. Three-dimensional welding operating arm + full-angle positioner + welding gun angle adjustment mechanism,which ensures the multi-position and multi-angle conversion of the welding gun
3. The control system adopts large-screen touch screen man-machine interface, which is convenient for programming
4. The storage capacity of welding process is 30 sets, and the corresponding welding process can be directly called according to the specifications of the weldment and according to the number.
5. Standard arc length tracking system (AVC) and welding gun yaw system (OSC)
6. Numerical control automatic wire feeder, with automatic anti-drawing function and pulsating wire feeding function, high wire feeding precision.
7. Forced circulating water cooling system to ensure long-term reliable operation of the whole machine.
8. One-button operation,which automatically completes the entire welding process; you can also intervene in real-time welding parameters as needed.

Production Process


Clamping outer diameter
Tube length
Not more than 600mm
Pipe wall thickness
Not less than 1mm
Welding power
Otai WSM400/Panasonic YC-400TX
Power supply
Welder 30KW/380V/50Hz
Rotation radius of elbow
Not more than 300mm
Center diameter of positioner
Deflection angle
Cross arm stroke (X/Y/Z)
800mm×400mm×30mm (manual)
Welding gun displacement angle
Overall size
Total Weight
Maximum load
Color touch screen controller
Storage capacity
30 sets of welding processes
Number of welding layers
Automatic layering
Welding Torch Oscillator
Swing range 0~20mm; swing speed 0~20mm/s; stay time on the groove side 0~5s
Arc length tracker
Tracking range 0~40.0mm; tracking speed 0~6mm/s; arc length tracking accuracy 0.2mm
Argon arc welding wire feeder
Adapt to wire diameter 1.0mm

Welding Details


1. Suitable for pipe, pipe elbow, pipe tee, pipe high neck butt joint; pipe flange, elbow flange corner joint
2. Suitable for welding of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials
3. Equipped with argon arc welding equipment.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

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Company Profile

Company Introduction
We specialize in flexible metal hose machinery with many years' experience and develop our machine technology all the time. So far, we have exported our machinery to many countries, such as US, Canada, Turkey, Australia, UK, Russia, Ukraine, India etc. With
the progressive machine technology and the mature service system, we keep a pretty decent relationship with all our clients, some
of them has cooperated with us for over 10 years and consecutively buy the machines from us to expand their productivity.

Our Clients


1.Q : What is the application of your machine?
A: It is suitable for pipe-pipe, pipe elbow, pipe tee, pipe high-neck flange connection, pipe flange, elbow flange angle connection.

2.Q: How can I check the welding quality?
A : You can send your product to us. We can weld it and send it to you to check the welding part.

3.Q : How long can be finished the goods?
Delivery date: 30 working days after deposit paid

4. Q: Can you customize for us?
A: Yes, we accept customize. You can tell us the type of the fitting that you want to weld.

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