High Purity 99.995% Indium Metal Ingot Pure Indium Ingot Rare Metal Element Indium Granules

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High Purity Indium 5N 6N 7N 7N5, is a soft, silvery-white, light blue
luster and malleable ductile solid with atom weight 114.818, melting
point 156.61°C and density 7.31g/cm3, which is soluble easily in hot
concentrated inorganic acid, acetic acid and oxalic acid, and react
with the oxygen in the air slowly to form thin layer of oxidation film.





Physical property:atomic number is 49,atomic weight is 114.818.Density is 7.31g/cm3,melting point is 156.61℃,boiling point is 2080℃.Indium is silvery white metal.

Chemical property: Indium with cold dilute acid effect slowly,and it soluble in hot concentrated inorganic acid,acetic acid and oxalic acid easily.Indium react with the oxygen in the air slowly and formed thin oxidation film.





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Used for preparation Ⅲ-V elements chemical compound semiconductor, high purity alloy , and ITO powder.





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