10, 20 carbon fiber yarns, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, no debris, soft, temperature resistant webbing rope

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Product Overview



The carbon fiber yarn produced by our company has the following characteristics:

1. high temperature resistance

Carbon fiber yarns can withstand temperatures up 800 degree, the physical properties are basically unchanged.

2. flame retardant

Carbon fiber yarns do not burn.

The 3. is soft and does not drop debris.

Carbon fiber yarn is different from conventional carbon fiber filament, and its own hand feeling is very good, which is basically the same as that of ordinary polyester nylon.

It will not drop debris during use, causing discomfort to the human body.

The 4. is widely used.

Carbon fiber yarn can be used in various high temperature resistant occasions such as webbing, rope, casing, etc. It can be used with various materials to effectively improve product performance. At present, it can replace a variety of glass fiber basalt fiber and temperature-resistant materials.



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