40s Polyester-viscose blended yarn PV 70/30 vortex yarn

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 single package
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neutral package, PP bags
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The functionality and fashion of vortex spinning yarn have been supported by many international well-known clothing brands.The vortex yarn produced by vortex spinning-a new spinning technology, has several high-quality characteristics.

1.Less hairiness

Vortex spinning thread has the least hairiness among all spinning principles, which can keep the appearance of fabrics bright and clean.

2.Resistance to pilling

The unique structure of vortex spinning yarn gives it the characteristics of less hairiness, so it greatly reduces the pilling of the fabric.

3.Washing resistance

Vortex spinning greatly reduces the depilation phenomenon after repeated washing and drying. In depilation, size change rate, weft skewness, color fastness and other indicators also show an excellent trend. Vortex spinning has been highly praised by many manufacturers.

4.Fine printing
Due to the less hairiness of vortex spinning, the printing effect on the fabric is more bright and clear. It is also very suitable for digital printing popular in recent years, which can make the printing pattern more bright.

5.Moisture absorption
Vortex spinning thread itself has moisture absorption and diffusion, so it is not easy to feel sweat close to the body in hot summer. It can also maintain a comfortable wearing feeling in outdoor activities, and can make fabrics suitable for various leisure occasions.



Spinning machine brand:
Murata VORTEX III 870/ VORTEX 870 EX
Spinning speed:
500-550 M / min
Yarn count:


The administrative office area of Hangzhou Guangyuan Textile Co., Ltd. is located in China's class A office building - Keqiao International Center, and the domestic sales branch is located in China's largest textile raw material procurement base - China light textile raw material city. Our company specializes in supplying all kinds of high-quality vortex spinning threads, with large output, stable quality and strong competitiveness in the Chinese market! The factory produces about 150 tons of all kinds of vortex spinning yarn every day. At present, the annual sales of Polyester-viscose blended vortex yarn and Pure viscose vortex yarn are about 30000 tons in China. There are four large warehousing and logistics centers in China. The warehouse is abundant and the delivery is timely. New and old customers are welcome to consult and order!

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