High efficiency Horizontal Square QMD2 (2L - 100L) Planetary Ball Mill Machine

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Introduction of horizontal planetary ball mill:
The heavy-duty horizontal planetary ball mill adopts the support bracket structure at both ends of the double disc, and the stability and load resistance of the equipment are effectively improved, which solves the limitation that the light-duty horizontal planetary ball mill can only be used for dry and light loads. Heavy-duty horizontal planetary ball mill is mainly suitable for dry user pilot or small batch grinding production.

Application of horizontal planetary ball mill:
Heavy-duty horizontal planetary ball mill is widely used in geology, mining, metallurgy, electronics, building materials,
ceramics, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and other departments, suitable for electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, magnetic materials, lithium cobalt oxide, manganese Lithium Oxide, Catalyst, Light Powder, Long Jinhui Light Powder, Diluted Light Powder, Electronic Glass Powder, Material Batteries, Zinc Oxide Varistors, Piezoelectric Ceramics, Nanomaterials, Disc Capacitors, MLCC, Thermal Varistors (PTC, NTC), Zn0 Varistors, Dielectric Ceramics, Alumina Ceramics, Zirconia Ceramics, Phosphors, Zinc Oxide Powder, Cobalt Oxide Powder, Ni-Zn Ferrite, Mn-Zn Ferrite production of body products.

Features of horizontal planetary ball mill:
The professional appearance design and industrial shape of the equipment shell adopts the welding and forming process of thickened steel plate, which has high strength, impact resistance, deformation resistance, and stable atmosphere; the material of the machined parts is strictly heat treated, and the CNC machining technology is adopted, and the transmission gear is made of special materials. Gears to ensure stable, safe and low-strength operation of the equipment at high speed; the equipment is designed with a brake pin function to ensure the safety of canning, filling and pinning operations; inspection, hoisting and dumping and loading are both integrated and sold. Design, the feeding device is integrated with the vibrating screen discharging technology, which is easy to operate, realizes quick canning, unloading, and canning, and improves production efficiency. It adopts a microcomputer
touch screen, which is easy to operate, and the interface is simple and intuitive, and can realize alternating forward and reverse control. , with timing and power-off memory function.

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