Manufacturer redispersible polymer powder emulsion powder eva vae for tile adhesive

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Product Overview


Redispersible powder (RDP, VAE) is water-soluble white or almost white flowable powder. It has high bonding ability and outstanding waterproof performance. It can increase the elasticity of the mortar and have a longer open time, improve the adhesion, flexural strength, plasticity and wear resistance of the mortar. in the flexible anti-cracking mortar, it has stronger flexibility. Therefore, application range is extremely wide.

RDP is redispersible polymer powder based on polymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene acting as organic binder to enhance adhesive ability, cohesion, and workability of building dry-mixes.
MATECEL® RDP enjoys high ethylene content and neutral rheology, especially suitable for mortar and coatings, providing good adhesion and impact resistance on substrates, offering advanced deformability and flexibility. 

Product Name
Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP / EVA / VAE
White powder Free-flowing
Solids Content(%)
≥ 99.0
Ash Content(1000°C, %)
≤ 13.0-30.0
Bulk density(g/l)
420 - 590
Average particle size(80 mesh)
pH Value
6.0 - 8.0
Minimum Film forming temperature(°C)
 0 ± 2
 0 ± 2
OEM, ODM, LOGO, Packaging Customization

CHEMICAL NAME: Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) / EVA / VAE
CAS No.: 24937-78-8

*External Mortar
*Adhesive Mortar
*Gypsum-based Plasters
*Mineral Renders & Plasters
*Tile Grout
*Tile Adhesives
*Wall and Joint Fillers
*Skim Coat

*Net weight: 25KG
Product is packed in multi-layer woven bag with inner polyethylene bag.
*Shelf Life: 6 months in unopened bags and in dry places.
Please store bags in very cool and dry places. Please not to pile goods too high up.
Otherwise, products will tend to be affected by air humidity.

Hebei Shuotong Cellulose Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D manufacturer engaged in the Cellulose ethers, with more than ten years of sales and export trade history and experience. The main item is: HPMC, CMC, HEMC, RDP, HPS, PP FIBERS, etc.
Our factory has successfully passed ISO certification, 9001:2000 and more certificates. As one of the world's top cellulose ether suppliers, our products can be widely used in chemical, construction, paint, dry mix mortar, ceramics, daily chemicals, etc.
At present, our factory cellulose ether has been exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, North America, Europe and the United States and other regions. Shuotong strives to research new products so that the products can be widely used and provide customers with better services.

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