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Automated nucleic acid extraction system
MultiEX series products offer automated nucleic acid extraction and purification using Magnetic Bead separation. MultiEX 032 system can process up to 32 samples per run and can meet your common nucleic acid extraction
needs. The MultiEX 096 is a High-throughput system and can process up to 96 samples per run. Using Magnetic Bead Separation technology, the MultiEX series extractors are capable of extracting and purifying nucleic acids from a variety of biological samples, such as whole blood, viruses, tissues, plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, cultured cells, swabs, feces, blood cards, etc. The system comes with a user-friendly touch screen interface allowing the user to easily set purification parameters. The automated system integrates all the purification phases including binding, mixing, washing, and elution, and delivers high-efficiency, high-quality purification. The system works with any prefilled magnetic beadbased reagent kit.

* Stable and Efficient
Automated processing avoids discrepancies and errors caused by manual operations and increases efficiency.
* Ease of Use
A 10-inch color touch screen and user-friendly interface lets you easily set purification parameters.
* Contamination Control
Built-in UV disinfection lamp eliminates cross-contamination.
* Advanced Stirring Technology
Stirring speed up to 10HZ (10 times up and down in 1 second), enables effective mixing of samples with high viscosity (blood, feces, etc.).
* Multiple Heating Modules
Heating modules with individual heating controls ensures high temperature accuracy for lysis and elution.
* Safe and Reliable
The operation will automatically suspend once the safety door opens and only resumes after the safety door is shut, which provides better protection for users.
* Self-Diagnostics
Auto checks before every run ensures that the sleeve, rod and well plate are positioned correctly
thereby avoiding any errors due to omission or interference.


MultiEX 096
Process Volume
Heating Temp.
Room Temp.~ 125℃
Sample Quantities
Plate Types
96 Deepwell plate
Mixing Intensities
Adjustable: 8 Levels
Plate Quantity
Magnetic Bead Recovery Rate
Plate Type
96 Deep-well Plate
10-inch Color Touch Screen
Storage Capacity
more than 500 programs
Extraction steps
Binding, mixing, washing and elution
Protocol Management
Create, edit and delete options available 
Pollution Control
UV light
Extension Ports
2 USB port, 1 Ethernet port
Power Supply
200-240V, 100-120V; 50/60 Hz

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1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of lab supplies and scientific instruments.

2. What is your payment term?
T/T, L/C, Ali insurance or Paypal are available.

3. Do you have OEM/ODM service?
Sure, We're experienced in the OEM/ODM services.

4. What is your warranty?
Our warranty period is 24 months normally.

5. How to get a sample?
Please contact our customer service, we will arrange the best way for you.

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