Глубокий цикл 12 В 150 Ач Солнечная литиевая батарея LiFePO4 аккумулятор для домашнего хранения энергии

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product name
Lithium battery to replace lead acid
Capacity (kWh)
2.56 kWh 12.8V200Ah
2 years
Power (Kw)
Whether to support grid connection
This function is realized by the inverter, the battery is just an energy storage device
Application scenarios
Home Energy Storage Solar Street Lights RV UPS Base Station Backup Electric Wheelchair Electric Boat Electric Car Golf Cart
Emergency Rescue Fishing Radio Communication
Battery system (LFP/NCM)
LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Serial and parallel information
Maximum support 10 parallel, 4 series
certified product
MSDS Shipping Identification Report UN38.3 Dangerous Package Certificate
Product net weight/gross weight (KG)
Product Specifications
Dimensions (mm): 521*238*220
Accessories: screws, insulating caps, handles
Packaging Information
Packaging style: dangerous package carton

Packing Specifications: 1PCS
Outer box size: 620*355*305mm
Net/Gross: 24/26kg
Function parameter
Rated power: 2560W
Working voltage: 14.6V
Maximum charging voltage (V): 14.6
Discharge cut-off voltage (V): 10.8 
Working current: 0-100A
Charging time: 2H1C current
Use time: 2H1C current
material, surface finish
Shell material: ABS

product features

1. Intelligent control system: The 5th generation fully intelligent battery control system is independently developed, with six functions of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, reverse connection, overtemperature and short circuit protection.
2. Deep charge and discharge: 100% DOD.
3. Cycle life: Lithium battery has a higher energy density and a longer cycle life, with an average of 300-500 times for lead-acid batteries and more than 1,000 times for lithium batteries.
4. Mass and volume: In the case of the same capacity, lead-acid batteries are heavier and larger than lithium batteries.
5. Battery capacity: Compared with lead-acid batteries, the average voltage of lithium batteries is higher, and its energy density is high. In other words, the capacity of lithium batteries is larger for batteries of the same size.
6. Warranty period: The warranty period of lead-acid batteries is generally 1 year, while the warranty period of lithium batteries is longer and can be guaranteed for 2 years.
7 Lithium battery advantages: Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are smaller, lighter, more portable, and have a relatively longer lifespan. In addition, lithium batteries have greater energy, can provide greater current, and are more adaptable to high and low temperatures, less affected by temperature, and more environmentally friendly.


The lithium battery protection board has five functions of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and reverse short circuit protection. 1. The Bluetooth model supports a maximum working current of 150A; mobile phone APP functions: 1. Check the working status of the battery; 2. Check the BMS parameters; 3. Modify BMS parameters;
2. The charging heating/current limiting model supports a maximum working current of 100A; 1. Charging and heating function:
Support charging below 0 ℃; 2. Charging current limiting function; when the batteries are connected in parallel, the charging current limiting can suppress the circulating current and mutual charging. Extend battery life.
3. The model with voltage display supports a maximum working current of 200A; real-time display of battery voltage;
Displays the battery reference level. Note: The voltmeter is a simple model. The power displayed is for reference only.
4. The display model with fuel gauge supports a maximum working current of 150A, and displays battery power, voltage, temperature, and current information in real time. Tabbed display of single-cell battery voltage.

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