Yinghe Air conditioner y joint branch pipe for YORK

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Product Overview


Product introduction

Disperse Pipe
Cost saving, largely unrestricted installation and aesthetically pleasing layout

This series of products is suitable for VRV air conditioning systems. The A series of products are produced in strict accordance with the factory standard design drawings, while the B series/C series of products are designed to remove excessive design from the original design, in order to save raw material costs and improve the cost performance of the products without affecting the use and quality of the products.

Advantages :
1. cost savings.
2. simple piping layout
3. installation is largely unrestricted
4. long service life and durability
5. made of high quality purple copper

Divergent tubes are made of high quality purple copper tube processing, we commonly refrigerators, various refrigeration appliances, are required to connect the copper tube to achieve the effect of refrigeration, so the central air conditioning installation is also the use of copper tube connection to achieve this cooling effect, and divergent tubes are connected to these copper
The divergent tubes connect these tubes to the individual indoor units. This shows that the divergent pipe is very important for the installation and operation of central air conditioning. It simply means that it is connected to the copper pipes and thus to the individual indoor units, so that the refrigerant can circulate in the copper pipes to achieve the effect of cooling and heat exchange.


1. SHIELD unique special custom welding material, professional silver brazing technology and internal cavity auxiliary welding, to further improve the reliability of the product
2. Optimised shape and length dimensions for easy installation and cost control. In particular, the thickness of the trigeminal area has been increased and the flow paths of the brass and copper trigeminal areas have been optimised to reduce resistance, ensure flow and ensure a reasonable and smooth diversion.
3. Special divergent tube testing equipment, special testing tooling for each type of divergent tube, no matter steam or liquid tube, each one is tested by 6.5Mpa pressure before leaving the factory.
4. According to the user's actual installation needs of the caliber and appearance, quickly provide personalized customization.
5. According to the actual installation needs of the user to choose a variety of reducer pipe and other accessories.
6. The divergent pipe insulation kit can be equipped as standard, which fully conforms to the requirements of GB20286-2006.

Kinds of Piping components

copper return bender
connect tube

pancake tube
copper 3 ways
manifold tube

At present, our company has a mature and complete production process of copper pipe fittings, and our products cover thousands of varieties in many series such as all kinds of connecting pipes, tees, elbows, bends and collectors, etc. We have also conducted various tests and trials such as RoHS, PCBs, PCNs, pressure resistance, flattening, tensile, metal, etc.
We insists on customer focus, quality as the centre, and takes the road of technology research and development. In order to further develop and improve the competitiveness of the market, the company has passed the ISO9001 certification by vigorously implementing 6S management on site and at the same time establishing a perfect quality management assurance system.

Role of pipe fittings
There are many types of pipe fittings, here they are classified according to use, connection, material and processing method.
1,for the tube connected to each other pipe fittings are: flange, flange, pipe clamp, clamp, ferrule, throat clamp, etc..
2,change the direction of the pipe fittings: elbow.
3,change the pipe diameter of the pipe fittings: reducer (reducer), reducer elbow, branch pipe table, reinforcement pipe.
4, increase the pipeline branch of the pipe fittings: tee, four-way.
5,Fittings used for pipe sealing: gaskets, raw material belt, line hemp, flange blind, pipe plug, blind plate, welding plug.
6,Fitting for pipeline fixing: snap ring, tow hook, hanger ring, bracket, bracket, pipe card, etc.

Company Profile

Company profile
The company is an international trade enterprise, in line with the good faith service, customer first, win-win cooperation business philosophy, the integration of international resources, to provide customized, one-stop complete set of services for global customers.
Main products include
1.all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials,
2.automatic machines and equipment
3. agricultural intelligent control spray equipment, agricultural equipment
4. refrigeration equipment and refrigeration accessories
5. new energy and 5G cooling equipment
6. customized heat exchangers & air coolers
7. Medical protective equipment, including masks and protective clothing
8. complete sets of production lines and project technical solutions
9. business agent of customers.

Product packaging


Q1.Do you have any MOQ limit for each commodity?
A: More than 100pieces.
Q2.What is your payment terms?
A: Normally our payment term is 50% advanced by T/T, balance before shipment.
Q3.Are your products can be customized?
A: Yes, we can customize products according to customer needs.
Q4.Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 1 year warranty for our products. If any problem happens in warranty period, we will reply your technical questions in 24 hours, and remote video support is available.
Q5: Where the application?
A: Our products have been widely used in many industries, like agriculture, electronics, refrigerator etc.

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