VINUT 280ml Special Falooda Pistachio Flavour Milk Drink

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Product Overview


Product Type
Milk Drink
Mango, Watermelon, Lychee, Lime, Orange, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Cherry, Coffee, Citrus, Grape...
Manuafacturer by
NAM VIET Foods & Beverage Co.,Ltd (VINUT Brand) in Vietnam
Shelf life
Selling point
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Free Design Label
Halal, HACCP, ISO, Kosher, Organic, GMP
24 pcs/tray
24 pcs/carton
Fruit Juice Benefits
Vietnam is located in tropical zone and famous with so many kinds of fruits. There is list of Top Tropical Fruits in Vietnam- they are not only delicious and popular, but also meet the criteria for export which both foreigners and Vietnamese should try.
Orange Benefits
High in Vitamin C. Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. ...
Healthy immune system. ...
Prevents skin damage. ...
Keeps blood pressure under check. ...
Lowers cholesterol. ...
Controls blood sugar level. ...
Lowers the risk of cancer.
Coffee Benefits
Coffee boosts your physical performance
Coffee may help you lose weight
Coffee helps you burn fat
Coffee helps you focus and stay alert.
Coffee lowers risk of death
Coffee reduces risk of cancers
Coffee reduces risk of stroke
Coffee reduces risk of Parkinson's disease.
Grape Benefits
Packed With Nutrients, Especially Vitamins C and K
High Antioxidant Contents May Prevent Chronic Diseases
Plant Compounds May Protect Against Certain Types of Cancer
Beneficial for Heart Health in Various Impressive Ways
May Decrease Blood Sugar Levels and Protect Against Diabetes
Blueberry BenefitsSuper Source of Antioxidants
Boosts Immunity
Can Undo Damage of a High Fat Diet
Reduces Risks of Heart Disease
Boosts Brain Health
Regulating Blood Sugar
Good Source of Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber
Lychee BenefitsBoosts Your Immunity
Aids Digestion
Antiviral Tendencies
Improves Blood Circulation
Regulates Blood Pressure
Good for Skin
Anti-Inflammatory Agent
Apple BenefitsGood for Diabetics and Blood Sugar regulation
Aids Weight Loss
Enables Smoother Digestion.
Helps Relieve Constipation and Diarrhoea
Protecting bones
Reduces Cholesterol
Boost Brain Power
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Company Profile
Who we are?
The Nam Viet Foods & Beverage Co., LTD is 100% Vietnamese owned. Base on strongly and deeply beverage experiences of the Owner,
the Company has been running. growing and exporting to more than 145 countries worldwide and also covered 63 provinces in local
market in Vietnam within short period. The company also rapidly conquer the trust of our clients from the first order through quality control, fast delivery and most importantly our main goal to service client accounts after sale and client satisfaction.
What we do?
Nam Viet F&B began with the desire to introduce Vietnamese beverages throughout the world. As you may know, Vietnam is located in a tropical environment with the initial advantage of easy access to tropical fruits such as coconut, dragon fruit, mango, papaya,pineapple, passion fruit, soursop, kumquat, lychee, coffee, aloe Vera, vegetable, soya and cereals, etc. therefore we have all the available natural resources of the highest quality found here within our tropical borders. All of these natural resources are processed in our factory to create the tastiest, nutritional and natural beverages.
Our Services
Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) – Contract Packing Service
In addition we also offer supporting beverages such as vitamin enhanced drinks, tonic drinks and energy drinks to enhance and
replenish your thirst needs quickly. Our research and development team can also assist you in the development of your own formulas. OEM is the strongest services for you
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