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Health Benefits of Carrots

1. Improves vision

2. Helps prevent cancer

3. Slows down aging 

4. Promotes healthier skin

5. Helps prevent infection 

6. Promotes healthier skin

7. Prevents heart disease

8. Cleanses the body 

9. Protects teeth and gums

 10. Prevents stroke

Fun Facts About Carrots

Beta carotene is the molecule that gives carrots their orange color. Beta carotene is part of a family of chemicals called the carotenoids, which are found in many fruit and vegetables, as well as some animal products such as egg yolks. Biologically, beta carotene is most important as the precursor of vitamin A. Beta carotene also has anti-oxidant properties and may help in preventing cancer and other diseases.

The function

Beta carotene is also known as a provitamin because it can be converted in our body into vitamin A after oxidative cleavage by beta carotene 15, 150-dioxygenase. In plants, beta carotene acts as an anti-oxidant and neutralizes singlet oxygen radicals formed during photosynthesis. 

Main use

Beta-carotene, as an edible oil soluble pigment, has a very warm welcome in the food industry because of its differences in color, which can cover all colors from red to yellow.It is suitable for the development of oil products and protein products, such as margarine, capsules, fish paste products, vegetarian products, instant noodles, etc.The beta-carotene, which is processed by micro capsules, can be turned into water-soluble pigments, and almost all foods can be used.In addition, beta-carotene has important USES in feed and cosmetics.

Product Description

1) Natural Bright red color
2)Taste Sweet

Exporting Standard And Quality
1)Washed and polished
2)intact firm, red color and good uniformity
3)no cracks or green top, no black part or rotten part
Supplying Period
All the whole year
10kg X 2bags /carton, 25kg drum, or small bag, 2-3g sachet,
or as per customer's demand

Packing & Delivery


10kg X 2bags /carton, 25kg drum, or small bag, 2-3g sachet,
or as per customer's demand

0.0104 s.