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Shungite Harmonizers
Good afternoon, dear visitors of our store!

The usage of shungite for massage is based on the ancient traditions of Eastern medicine because only rock minerals have been used for massage since old times. At the same time, the usefulness of utilisation of shungite stone for this purpose was justified by studies of the Moscow State University and the Military Medical Academy, according to which the fullerenes were found in the mineral. It is known that fullerenes are endowed with adaptogenic and immunomodulatory properties that have a positive effect on the human immune and nervous systems.

Substances of this type not only remove harmful radicals, toxic compounds and heavy metals from the environment, but also normalize the human energy field, improving the quality of life in general. That’s why shungite products have become widely used in massage procedures. Products made of this black mineral have a positive effect on the nerve endings, strengthen the blood vessel walls, promote wound healing and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Shungite is a mineral of incredible natural power. It is able to protect people from negative environmental influences and give them a boost of energy.

Shungite also perfectly relieves muscle fatigue and rheumatoid pains, helps to prevent diseases of the vascular and nervous systems and to avoid various skin irritations. The combination of all these useful properties is perfect for massages. We can help you to choose the most suitable massage set for you. You will get the opportunity to have spa-therapy sessions at home!

Let me clearly show you how shungite Harmonizers are used in everyday life. Take a look at these wonderful photos.

Are you interested in protective shungite Harmonizers, but you need help in choosing?

Our specialists will answer all your questions and give you a free consultation. Leave your request at the end of this description!

Company Profile

About our company
About our company The company was founded in 2017. The main mission of the company is the sale of shungite products. We have our
own production facilities. We are situated in Karelia, Russia.

We deliver goods from shungite to any part of the world. Our
partners are companies such as DHL and UPS. During the company's existence, we have taken into consideration all the desires of
our customers and we have provided them with high-quality shungite in a short time.

Our goal is to build the largest trading
company for the export of rocks and minerals from Russia around the world by the year 2022. We are focused on customer service.
This is not only sales, but also customer support from the very beginning till the end.

This is how we stand out from the
competition, because we get a lot of positive feedback. Export is not challenging and interesting. The whole team likes the
product and the concept of work. We do something global and bring a part of ourselves to this world.

Our main advantages

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) is from 1 unit
Order assembly time from 1 day
Quality control and laboratory tests
Availability of certificates

As a gift, we send a book about shungite to all the guests of our store. Write to any store manager “BOOK ABOUT SHUNGITE”, and we
will be happy to send it!

Packaging & Shipping

Order Assembly Time

Cargo transportation

Order amount
Build Time
Our transport partners
Packaging material
Order up to 100 USD
1-2 days
1) Eco-friendly packaging
Order from 101-500 USD
2-5 days
2) Craft paper
Order from 101-500 USD
2-5 days
3) Wooden box
Order from 501-1000 USD
5-9 days
4) Eco-friendly box

* All information presented in the table can be changed. Write to our manager to clarify the assembly time, time and way of delivery.


Quality certificates and laboratory tests confirm the high quality of shungite. We provide these documents to all customers of our store


FAQ (frequently asked question)

Is it possible to make an individual product?

Yes, of course! We will be able to make a product for you according to your size and wishes. Leave a request to our manager and he will definitely help you.

How can I communicate with the store manager?

You can communicate with our managers via the Alibaba store, Email, Whatsapp or Zoom. Let our manager know what variant is more convenient for you.

Can I get a price list?

We can send a price list for all products made of shungite. Leave your request to the manager so that he can choose the conditions and price list for you according to your requirements.

How can I place an order?

To place an order, you just need to write our manager and tell him/her what products you need. Our manager will calculate the total cost and delivery.

How is the payment and calculation made?

Alibaba payment acceptance is not available for stores in Europe, the United States and Russia. The order of products is made through the store manager. Payment is made via the PayPal payment system or a Bank.

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